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re: Transcript: Dinthalos in Angmar and Alestriel's Recruitment

Lossenelenwen: 'If you can even tell the difference in these lands.'
Lossenelenwen laughs.
Istoril smirks
Elyrian smiles
Dirdorion: 'Shall we?'
Lossenelenwen: 'Alright. Istoril, you brought traps?'
Istoril smiles wryly "Of course hiril. What sort of hunter do you take me for?"
Lossenelenwen: 'Good. Dirdorion, Elyrian, take careful aim when you shoot. Precision is more important than strength.'
Dirdorion: 'Aye'
Elyrian: 'I am ready. My aim will be sure.'
Lossenelenwen: 'Use no oils. Though powerful tools, the flashes of fire or light could attract unwanted attention.'
Lossenelenwen looks around. 'Tolo hi!'

Lossenelenwen: 'Do not bother hiding the hillbeast, but take your arrows.'
Lossenelenwen takes her arrows.

Istoril: 'Hold!'
Lossenelenwen: 'We must turn further north... but I cannot see how just now...'
Istoril: 'We must leave these spies of the enemy. Any deaths among them will arouse suspicion'
Lossenelenwen: 'Careful. Something is here.'

Lossenelenwen: 'Ach! We must hide the body. Somehow...'
Istoril says, 'Quickly! Dispose of that corpse!'
Lossenelenwen: 'Pull it here. A mound will be less noticeable by the stone.'
Dirdorion drags the beast
Lossenelenwen helps. 'This is worse... this is a pack-leader. Or perhaps not worse.'
Elyrian: 'If we move quickly, they may never know.'
Lossenelenwen: 'We leave this one alone. In the open. The other we must hide.'
Istoril: 'This looks to have been a pack leader. It will be missed before too long. We should make haste and complete our mission'
Lossenelenwen quickly covers the other warg in ash.
Istoril does the same for the pack leader
Istoril kneels. 'There it is. We shall have to be careful form here'

Lossenelenwen presses herself agains the stone. 'If we can avoid killing the sentries, so much the better. But if it is necessary, they will die.'
Lossenelenwen hides behind the stone.
Istoril: 'We can move unseen past many, yet any gate guards we encounter will need to be dealt with directly'

Lossenelenwen: 'Alright. Though we are in, we must still be stealthy. I doubt we can kill them all before even a shout out is given. But Istoril, I trust you will allow none to escape with word.'
Istoril smiles. "Of course not"

Lossenelenwen points at Duvárdain Berserker.
Istoril: 'It is clear!'
Lossenelenwen: 'Wait. Work from the outside in, or they will escape.'
Istoril: 'That warg sentry will need to be dealt with;
Lossenelenwen: 'Yes.. the wargs are too loud. This first.'
Istoril: 'Are we to eliminate all here, or just those in the central compund?'
Lossenelenwen: 'All.'
Istoril nods. 'Very well'
Elyrian: 'Very well then.'
Lossenelenwen: 'All but the outer sentries.'
Istoril: 'Proceed'

Lossenelenwen: 'Faster, on the next group. Let us get the rest in this section before moving on.'

Lossenelenwen: 'I will watch this door, to make sure the other group does not pass into here'
Lossenelenwen points. 'You three go that way and kill all you find.'

Lossenelenwen: 'His howl may have been heard. We must move more quickly now.'

Lossenelenwen: 'Take the one on the left first... Istoril, trap the right. The warg first.'
Istoril: 'Get that one!'

Lossenelenwen beckons to Dirdorion.
Lossenelenwen beckons to Istoril.
Lossenelenwen beckons to Elyrian.
Lossenelenwen: 'Is that all of them?'
Elyrian: 'I see no more.'
Istoril: 'I have not seen their leader'
Lossenelenwen: 'Nor have I... Perhaps he is not here, and has already gone to meet with the Crown. A surprise for him, then, when he returns.'

Lossenelenwen: 'Quick! Before the sentries outside noticewhat we have done!'
Lossenelenwen: laughs.

Lossenelenwen: 'Hold... We cannot leave this way.'
Lossenelenwen peers around the fence.
Lossenelenwen: 'Not easy to come in by... but easy to leave. Let us go!'
Lossenelenwen gets her arrows, for the uptibillionth time.
Istoril looks behind "I believe we are clear, mellyn"
Lossenelenwen: 'I wish to strike just a little more fear in the hearts of our foes.'
Lossenelenwen unburies only the pack-leader. 'Help me.'
Lossenelenwen begins to drag it down the hill.
Istoril helps
Elyrian helps.
Lossenelenwen leaves the corpse against the tree.
Lossenelenwen reaches to the ash.
Lossenelenwen paints a crude crown on the warg's throat.
Istoril props the eyes open with twigs
Lossenelenwen: 'Not very subtle, perhaps... but my wish is not for subtlety in this. Quick! Before we are linked to the kill!'
Istoril nods. 'That should do it.'
Lossenelenwen: 'These wargs don't miss much... Let us put it with the first, that was not a pack-leader... uphill though it may be.'
Elyrian: 'I fear they smell us...'
Lossenelenwen: 'Perhaps that is it...'
Elyrian drags
Istoril lifts one end of corpse
Elyrian drops the creature
Lossenelenwen: 'Let us remember this for future... disguise of smell must be as good as that for hiding from sight.'
Istoril listens "I hear others gathering. I do not recommend we risk any more"
Lossenelenwen: 'On!'

Lossenelenwen bows deeply before Cána. 'Pardon us, we are only passing through... From here, I think, we may make our way as normally as any passing through.'
Istoril: 'Agreed'
Elyrian: 'May we ride then?'
Lossenelenwen: 'I would dearly love to know whether our plan worked, but I think it best we leave Angmar after we return to Aughaire. No, Elyrian... these people will lend us no horses.'
Elyrian: 'I see.'

Lossenelenwen sits.
Elyrian sits down.
Dirdorion sits down.
Istoril sits down.
Lossenelenwen: 'We may rest here one more night, but I think after that, we must leave.'
Elyrian sits down. 'The rest will be welcome, hiril.'
Dirdorion sits down.
Lossenelenwen: 'There must be no threat that the Duvardain are aware of in this area that resembles the damage done to their camp.'
Elyrian: 'I shall depart Angmar immediately... The darkness is depressing.'
Lossenelenwen: 'If you feel it is best. I would advise at least a brief rest first, but the choice is your own.'
Elyrian: 'Pardon, I meant after resting.'
Elyrian smiles and shakes her head at herself.
Istoril nods "And I as well. I must return to my people as soon as I am able to travel"
Dirdorion sits down and meditates quietly.
Lossenelenwen massages gently underneath her own chin. "Yes.. That is well. Many-dutied are we all.. to Dinthalos, to Daro a Maetho, to our own homelands..."
Lossenelenwen laughs gently. "But what must be done will be."
Elyrian: 'Indeed, hiril.'
Dirdorion dreams of the leaves rustling in the warm spring breeze
Elyrian leans back on the palms of her hands and stares into the fire.
Lossenelenwen removes her weapons, but does not release her grip on Amarthan Gwendes as she lies back to dream...

Samireh waves to Dirdorion.
Dirdorion bows deeply before Samireh. 'Suilad adaneth nin'
Samireh whispers "Am I interrupting?"
Istoril sits down.
Dirdorion: 'No'
Samireh gives Dirdorion a big hug.
Istoril looks up at the sound of whispering
Elyrian glances up. "Greetings Samireh" Looks back down at the fire.
Samireh waves to Elyrian.
Dirdorion: 'I take it the day finds you well?'
Lossenelenwen's grip on Amarthan Gwendes tightens instinctively, but she does not stir.
Samireh: 'Me? Have you ever know me to be otherwise? More importantly, how are you?'
Dirdorion: 'I am well'
Samireh: 'I'd not have expected to find you here. Much less with so many of your kin.'
Samireh says over Dirdorion's Shoulder, "Greetings Elyrian."
Elyrian appears startled. "Greetings, Samireh. How are you?"
Samireh: 'I'm not unwell, thank you. A pleasure to see oyu again so soon after our first meeting'
Elyrian: 'And the same to you, although we are far from that happier place.'
Samireh: 'Well, it appears I should leave you be. It appears important elvish business transpires within. I have been asked to accompany an old friend deep into the enemy's lands. I'm... excited... I think...'
Istoril: 'Mellyn, I must depart, but will no doubt meet with you again, soon'
Lossenelenwen: 'Take Dirdorion with you through Nan Amlug, I will follow later with Elyrian.'
Istoril bows deeply.
Lossenelenwen opens one eye to speak.
Elyrian: 'Namarie, Istoril. Safe travels.'
Istoril: 'That I will do, hiril. Rest well. Namarie'
Lossenelenwen: 'Novaer.'
Samireh: 'Oh, hello!'
Lossenelenwen closes the eye.
Samireh: 'I didn't recognize the top of your head.'
Dirdorion: 'Will see you soon hir'
Istoril: 'Dirdorian, do you wish to travel with me now, or are you remaining here for a time?'
Dirdorion: 'I must travel also'
Elyrian lies down and closes her eyes.
Dirdorion: 'Yes hir it would be good to travel together'
Istoril: 'Namarie, mellyn. And I wil bid farewell to your friend here, as well. Namarie, hiril'
Elyrian calls out groggily. "Namarie Istoril. Safe travels."
Samireh bows deeply before Istoril.
Dirdorion: 'Will see you soon amireh Ashtani'
Samireh: 'Safe travels Dirdorion! Elyrian, Lossenelenwen... a profound pleasure seeing you again'
Lossenelenwen opens an eye at her name. 'Ah! Hello there Samireh.'
Samireh bows deeply before Lossenelenwen.
Elyrian sits with Samireh.
Samireh: 'My friend has arrived!'
Lossenelenwen: 'These are less than pleasant lands for travel...'
Elyrian: 'Ah, and your friend Morpheus again?'
Morpheus has arrived.
Morpheus laughs out loud.
Elyrian sits with Lossenelenwen.
Lossenelenwen waves to Morpheous. "Hello, Samireh-friend."
Samireh: 'Indeed. 'Tis why I travel with skilled adventurers'
Lossenelenwen smiles. "Of course."
Elyrian: '"Greetings."'
Morpheus: 'Mae govannen Elyrian. Nice to see you again so soon'
Elyrian: 'And you as well.'
Samireh slaps head "How rude of me. Lossenelenewen, this is my dear friend Morpheus...'
Lossenelenwen decides she should probably sit up.
Morpheus: 'Well well well, hello there'
Morpheus winks at Lossenelenwen. Interesting.
Samireh glances at Lossenelenwen and fidgets nervously.
Lossenelenwen: 'Hello, Morpheous. As I am sure you heard, I am Lossenelenwen.'
Morpheus: 'What a long name you have'
Morpheus smiles.
Alestriel cautiously peers in the tent
Samireh: 'Elves are not as pressed for time as we'
Lossenelenwen smiles. 'It suits me.'
Morpheus hails Alestriel. 'Aye, that it does'
Lossenelenwen turns to look at the newcomer. 'Please, come in, share the fire.'
Lossenelenwen looks curiously at Alestriel.
Alestriel: '*ahem* Excuse me, but I thought I heard Elven speech, and could not resist peering into your tent. I hope you do not mind'
Lossenelenwen: 'You look familiar, elleth... but I cannot place you.'
Samireh looks to Morpheus. "Our business is pressing is it not?"
Lossenelenwen: 'Sorry to have delayed you two.'
Lossenelenwen bows.
Samireh: 'Oh no, no, do not be sorry. I thank you for your hospitality. Horrible timing on my part.'
Alestriel whispers to Elyrian "I didn't interrupt anyting, did I?
Lossenelenwen smiles. 'Farewell.'
Morpheus: 'My apology Sami. Let's find this dwarf you spoke of'
Samireh bows deeply before Lossenelenwen.
Morpheus waves goodbye.
Samireh: 'Until next we meet. May it be not overlong'
Morpheus: 'Well met, may your paths always lead you where you want to go.'
Elyrian answers Alestriel "No indeed."
Morpheus: 'Midnight! Here boy'
Lossenelenwen tilts her head. "You look so familiar to me..."
Alestriel smiles warmly "Forgive me, but it fills my heart with joy to see so many of our kind gathered in such a dismal place
Lossenelenwen laughs at Alestriel. 'Nothing to forgive! What brings you to such a dismal place to begin with?'
Alestriel: 'I thought I was the only edhel travelling these rocky wastes!'
Elyrian: 'You look familiar to me as well. Have I passed you before? Perhaps in Rivendell? Ah, nevermind. The world is too wide a place to remember all comings and goings.'
Alestriel: 'Why yes, I am Alestriel of Imladris, called Aradwen by my teacher when I was but a youn elleth'
Elyrian: 'I fear it is not your name, but rather your face that I recall. Of Imladris indeed? Perhaps I have passed you in those halls.''
Lossenelenwen laughs at Alestriel. 'Aradwen it is!'
Lossenelenwen moves closer to see her face better and throws back her own hood.
Alestriel: 'And you...Lossenelenwen? Is that you?'
Lossenelenwen laughs at Alestriel. 'Yes! Oh dear... this is the last thing I thought to find here...'
Elyrian: 'You know eachother?'
Lossenelenwen shakes her head with a smile.
Alestriel: 'It has been so long! I have heard so many tales of your exploits!'
Lossenelenwen: 'Yes... We were both raised in Imladris. Really? What do they say about me?'
Lossenelenwen laughs at Alestriel. 'I am sure there is much shock, I was never a fighter back home...'
Alestriel: 'Our teachers were great friends, and we often studied together in our youth'
Lossenelenwen: 'Books and song, that was all I was back then.. .Though I have lost the love for neither. Though again, it has been years since last I saw you! Where have you been?'
Alestriel: 'Well, you may remember my facination with the lore of Ringmaking that our teachers used to speak of to us'
Lossenelenwen shakes her head. "I am sorry but even now I find that a bit of an odd fascination. But I do remember. Go on."
Alestriel: 'My master discouraged my leanings toward that line of study, himself having been one of Celebrimbor's people...'
Lossenelenwen teasingly mimes scolding Aradwen.
Alestriel: 'Instead he suggested that the way to understand, and perhaps one day be prepared to stand against it would be to seek out what knowledge I might find of the Elder Days ...The shadow, that is'
Lossenelenwen nods and sits with Alestriel.
Alestriel sits down.
Elyrian sits with Alestriel. 'It seems a fascinating study.'
Tops sits down.
Lossenelenwen 'But how does that bring you here?.'
Alestriel: 'So, I have been travelling far and wide, through the lands our people once inhabited, looking for anything that may reveal how our people have continued to foreswear, and overcome, all darkness'
Lossenelenwen: 'Hmm... I did not know that was your task.'
Alestriel laughs merrily "But enough about me! Your name is spoken often in the Last Homely House. Apparently you have been doing quite a bit yourself!
Lossenelenwen: 'A shame, I might have aided you in it..'
Lossenelenwen shakes her head. "It is only because my father has a father's pride, you know that."
Alestriel: 'Oh, but I am nowhere near through! There is still so much to uncover, so much to learn!'
Lossenelenwen: 'I mean I might have aided you when I was closer to what I knew already, places I had discovered, books read and songs learned.'
Lossenelenwen shrugs. "Perhaps again I will come to it someday, when we may."
Alestriel: 'Oh, I see.'
Lossenelenwen: 'Hmm.. what have I been up to... In short. I went to Bree a few years ago, starting my own search for answers... though I believe my questions were different.'
Elyrian looks at the fire and listens quietly.
Lossenelenwen: 'And there met a wanderer, and travelled with him, for a time. I learned to use my mind and will in ways I thought never to need to.'
Lossenelenwen laughs, somewhat humorlessly. "Not to mention that my mother's words concerning learning to use a bow all came true."
Alestriel: 'That? But you never used to believe in any of that!'
Lossenelenwen: 'Well do I know it! I only learned because she wanted me to so desperately... There was beauty in the arrow's flight, before I began silencing life with the arrows. And yet, because of those arrows, I save other lives.'
Alestriel nods solemnly
Lossenelenwen traces her fingers over Rhíwivren. 'Now - and this I am sure you have heard, if not the entirety of Rivendell, for my father's proud tongue - I work with a company of Elves, Daro a Maetho.'
Alestriel: 'I do understand that, Lossenelenwen. It is one thing to feel the energies of the natural world flowing through me, but another to use those energies to end life'
Lossenelenwen frowns. "We do what we must."
Alestriel: 'Yes, that is the name I have heard used in conjunction with your name!'
Lossenelenwen bows her head. "I am an archer and strategist for the company."
Alestriel: 'Who are they, and what do you have to do with them?'
Alestriel sits with Lossenelenwen.
Rhonwyn smiles wearliy.
Lossenelenwen: 'We are Elves who have chosen to remain in Middle-Earth, to fight against the Shadow. Ships may sail, and Elves walk West, but we will not be among them. Our duties lie all across Eriador for now, but there are rumors we will begin to work even closer to the East...'
Rhonwyn shakes her head in affirmation.
Liandreth looks down at her feet. "I'm honoured that you let me fight along side of you all tonight, thank you."
Lossenelenwen: 'I had been meeting many of this company, and they treated me as kin even from the first. Now...'
Lossenelenwen shakes her head with a laugh.
Meagh begins to smoke.
Lossenelenwen: 'Can you believe the silent watcher that I was has become a leader among Elves?.'
Rhonwyn smiles. "It's always good to have more battle partners."
Alestriel laughs. 'I would say no, but I do know better than that. I think this was always in your future. It was only a part of you that resisted such an idea'
Hathrian waves to everyone.
Liandreth bows deeply before Falric.
Lossenelenwen tilts her head. "Perhaps. I do not relish it, even now... but I serve where I am needed."
Alestriel: 'But I must say, it is curious you mention the East'
Lossenelenwen: 'Why?.'
Rhonwyn nods and smiles.
Annuimaethor bows deeply before Falric.
Liandreth waves goodbye to Annuimaethor.
Alestriel: 'I find that the more I learn of our past, of our ancient lore, and of the things that have led our people to where they now are, my road winds further and further east'
Liandreth bows deeply before Meagh.
Elyrian: 'It is a dangerous path.'
Lossenelenwen: 'Interesting. How far?.'
Alestriel: 'I have been able to find entrance to the Mines of Moria, where our people once worked side by side with Durin's folk'
Lossenelenwen 's expression does not change, but the light in it is extinguished. 'Surely you do not travel alone...?.'
Elyrian keeps silent, a look of fear now in her eyes.
Alestriel: 'Oh no, of course not! I have been working with the Dunedain, researching their own histories, and aiding them where I may, as our peoples have been ever close. There are times, however, when venturing alone becomes a necessity'
Lossenelenwen looks relieved, though the light does not return. "Do you do so now? You seem to have come to this place alone at least..."
Alestriel: 'Yes I do. I was on my way to Gath Forthnir, to speak with one of the DUnedain there about a particularly puzzling piece of lore I came across near the dwarves' outposts in Moria'
Lossenelenwen stares for a minute. 'A long way to go for such a thing... and a ridiculously dangerous route across which to do so. May I see it? I promise nothing, but...'
Alestriel laughs merrily 'You should know well the lengths I will go to to solve a puzzle! And no, you cannot see it here.'
Lossenelenwen: 'Not here? Where then?.'
Alestriel: 'There are mirrors, huge mirrors in the dwarf mines that are not entirely of their making, nor entirely of elven make. I was hoping one who I know at Gath Forthnir, a Dunedain well-versed in their histories, might know something of this. Perhaps the Men of a past age had a hand in this? If so, it would suggest a level of cooperation among the races unheard of since the Elder Days. What could be more fascinating than this?!'
Lossenelenwen: 'Perhaps...'
Elyrian: 'You have a scholar's eye and heart, Alestriel.'
Lossenelenwen: 'Might you stay here for a bit though, with us, first? I would like to see a picture, if you could draw it...'
Alestriel: 'Just think, such knowledge could inspire a renewed cooperation among the Free Peoples today!'
Lossenelenwen smiles sadly. "I doubt it. Any cooperation in this time will be forged of despair."
Alestriel: 'All would know that they need not stand alone against what is coming. Oh, Lossenelenwen, I do not mean to poke fun, but you always did have a peculiar way of looking at things!
Elyrian: 'We each of us see the world a little differently.'
Lossenelenwen laughs. "We do not stand alone! The problem is that people do not know it, not that it is not so!"
Alestriel: 'Well, that is exactly what I am saying! What if proof could be given that they never really have been alone?'
Lossenelenwen: 'What if, indeed.'
Alestriel: 'Well, that is what I hope to accomplish, to use my abilities, and the knowledge I gain to bring strength to Elves, Men, and yes, Dwarves, if they will hear it'
Lossenelenwen: 'I think though that there may be better ways to show this than lost mirrors..'
Lossenelenwen shrugs. "But perhaps part of it is also personal concern."
Alestriel shakes her head and smiles "Loseenelenwen, Lossenelenwen, of course it requires more than this! This is only a piece of the puzzle. Personal concern?'
Lossenelenwen: 'For you... gallivanting all across the world alone.'
Alestriel: 'If you mean that I take personal interest in seeing light brought into the shadowed places, then yes, you are right'
Lossenelenwen: 'If you die doing this, you lose all you have worked for, not only your own life. For there is no one you work with, to carry it on should the task fail. I do not like to speak of failure, but if failure is not spoken of, it taunts that fate.'
Elyrian shifts her position and continues to listen to two elf-maids' discussion.
Alestriel: 'Always so dour! Well, then, let's have it. Who else would share this path with me? Who else would Lossenelenwen suggest I turn to for aid?'
Lossenelenwen makes a face and stirs the fire, pausing before her next words. 'Perhaps I might make a bargain with you.'
Lossenelenwen raises an eyebrow, looking at the girl before her.
Alestriel smiles "Alright, I'm listening
Lossenelenwen: 'Join my company. Take on the service of Daro a Maetho, and fight alongside us where we have need of you. In exchange, a network of Elves, both to accompany you and to go in places you may be unable to walk yourself. They are a sharp-eyed group.'
Lossenelenwen gives a wry smile. "Especially the Dinthalos."
Elyrian smiles to herself.
Lossenelenwen: 'And if you but tell them what to seek, they will find it, against all odds. Or even what to keep their eyes aware of. But be aware, we will also have need of your talents in our own ways.'
Alestriel: 'Well, strength in numbers is always best, and you are already doing more or less what I have been hoping to do...'
Lossenelenwen grins. "More or less."
Alestriel: 'And I see we have much to learn form each I say yes!
Lossenelenwen bows deeply before Alestriel.
Alestriel: 'I would be happy to join with you, old friend!'
Elyrian bows deeply before Alestriel.
Lossenelenwen: 'Then in the name of Daro a Maetho, I say to you Welcome!'
Elyrian: '"Welcome, Alestriel!"'
Alestriel: 'Perhaps I can help put a smile back on that face of yours!'
Lossenelenwen raises an eyebrow. "Not a difficult task, if that is all you intend."

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