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re: Transcript: Watcher Training Goes On

Another Watcher training session, as led by Nimpriel. We find the group at HITTR.

Tasvorcot looks to check his surrounding and notices movement on the roof.
Nimpriel is crouched on the roof, staring nonchalantly at the approaching trainees.
Tasvorcot roars at Nimpriel!
Talithenis hails everyone.
Tasvorcot hails Nimpriel.
Talithenis looks at Thranduril, suprised.
Talathien looks up, but doesn't speak on seeing an elf perched on the roof.
Nimpriel peers down but makes no immediate reply. She slowly stands.
Tasvorcot: 'Hail Nimpriel, it is good too see you again.'
Nimpriel drops down to stand before them. "Thranduril."
Tasvorcot bows deeply before Nimpriel.
Nimpriel: 'Talathien... it has been awhile. You brought a guest?'
Talathien nods. A watcher-to-be, or so she would like.
Tasvorcot looks to Talithenis and smiles.
Talithenis looks stunnedly at Nimpriel. "How'd you get up- oh, never mind.
Nimpriel stares. "Have you a name?"
Tasvorcot coughs.
Talithenis bows deeply before Nimpriel.
Talathien smiles with only one corner of her mouth, trying to hide her amusement from Talithenis.
Talithenis: 'My name is Talithenis, Hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'Nimpriel.'
Talithenis nods. "A pleasure to meet you.
Nimpriel looks around at them. "Talathien, Thranduril, you two at least know what to do. Change into whatever is closest to field armor -- not too heavy! -- that you have, and get your practice weapons.

Nimpriel sets her eyes on the two. "Go on, do not wait! Armor for travel, and practice weapons! Talithenis... do you oft fight in that?'
Talithenis nods. "I fight only in this. The leather armour, and the steel bands underneath are protection enough."
Talithenis grabs her weapons off the ground.
Talathien: 'This is similar to what I wore last time, Nimpriel.'
Tasvorcot picks up his old sword
Nimpriel moves forward. "It is well fitted, and good with both mobility and protection.
Tasvorcot kneels.
Talathien glances at the weaker weapons in her hands and frowns.
Nimpriel nods to Talathien and Thranduril.
Tasvorcot: 'I am prepared Hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'How quickly can you remove those cloaks?'
Talathien tosses her cloak away. "That quickly."
Nimpriel: 'Nay, Thranduril, you take too long...'
Nimpriel laughs. 'Put them back on.'
Talathien snatches her cloak back up.
Tasvorcot smiles "should've known"
Talithenis Looks at the pulsating cloak on the ground, frowns, and slips it back on.
Tasvorcot kneels.
Nimpriel moves swiftly to Thranduril and seizes upon his cloak, yanking it back so that the clasp pulls on his throat. "Take them off!"
Nimpriel grins as Thranduril removes the cloak in enough time to prevent choking. She holds his cloak out to him. "Much better."
Talathien smiles, "I think I'll leave mine off hiril..."
Nimpriel: 'A cloak is necessary in the field.'
Tasvorcot smiles as he retrieves it.
Nimpriel: 'It is for warmth. It is for hiding. But it can easily be your undoing.'
Talathien: 'Hmm, and is htat why you do not wear yours now?'
Nimpriel kneels to pick up Talathien's cloak and dons it briefly.
Nimpriel raises her weapon. 'Though I am used to my regular fighting stances and turns in a cloak, fights do not go as planned.'
Talithenis dosen't understand much of this, besides the uses of a cloak.
Nimpriel: 'Should an ememy come upon me from a direction I do not expect, the cloak is a hindrance'
Talathien: 'It can bind your weapons.'
Nimpriel: 'If I were to sense Thranduril's presence, but not see him quickly enough...'
Nimpriel turns quickly with her spear to tap him with the back of the pole, demonstrating. "Though I have struck him, the cloak has me off balance.
Tasvorcot: 'She could be caught off guard and not be ready to repel another attack from a different direction.'
Nimpriel: 'And both my hands are full... to unclasp it I would have to bring my shield to an awkward position or drop my spear.'
Nimpriel removes the cloak with her shield hand. 'By all means, bring a cloak when you travel... but be prepared to be rid of it swiftly.'
Talithenis nods, watching raptly.
Talathien: 'Indeed.'
Nimpriel: 'Throw it at your enemy's eyes, if it will blind him. Or at his feet, if he will trip. But do not let it blind or trip you.'
Talathien: 'And his weapons?'
Nimpriel nods. 'Speaking of which. Talithenis.'
Tasvorcot: 'Yes, His weapons as well.'
Nimpriel: 'Your weapons.'
Nimpriel holds out her hands.
Talithenis hands them over.
Tasvorcot stretches out his muscles. It's time for adventure!
Talathien observes, remaining silent, but with a permanent half-smile etched on her face.
Nimpriel looks over them, testing the weight.
Nimpriel points the blade at Talithenis, looking straight down the metal. 'You use this in your main hand?'
Talithenis nods. "Yes, hiril".
Nimpriel nods her approval and returns it. 'And then... this.'
Talithenis takes the sword back, gratefully. It was hard to aquire.
Talithenis frowns slightly at her tone.
Nimpriel looks at the hammer doubtfully. 'Is your off hand weaker than your main?'
Talathien glances at Thranduril and quirks an eyebrow, trying to read his expression.
Talithenis: 'It may not be the most beautiful weapon, but it has been more than helpful at smashing through thick armour... and yes.'
Tasvorcot remains stern, the hammer however effective, would not have been his first choice...
Nimpriel: 'I feel you would be about as effective with a large lump of metal, or a rock. This is not made to be an offhand weapon, but nor is it a good enough hammer to risk losing the blade's skill to trade hands. If you can get better, do so.'
Talithenis nods, a bit miffed. "Will do."
Talathien shifts her feet.
Tasvorcot shakes out his arms and stretches his neck
Nimpriel: 'In the meantime, please find practice weapons in the kinhouse. Thranduril can show you where they are. Choose weapons similar in weight and size to those you have'
Talithenis: 'Ok, hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'They are wood, but weighted in lead.'
Tasvorcot: 'the hammer as well hiril?'
Nimpriel: '....No. Give her another blade...'
Tasvorcot: 'Come along Tali'
Talithenis frowns, rather stung. She'd been using a hammer for quite awhile.
Talathien watches them go.
Nimpriel turns to Talathien.
Talathien: 'Have you been well, hiril?'
Nimpriel nods. "As ever."
Talathien: 'Good. The fight goes well?'
Nimpriel: 'Have you improved in your absence?'
Nimpriel smirks, not needing to answer Talathien's question.
Talathien: 'I believe, but perhaps I shall soon be put to the test.'
Nimpriel: 'Of course.'
Tasvorcot and Talithenis return with weapons in hand.
Nimpriel: 'Actually...'
Nimpriel glances over her shoulder. 'Talithenis, I have yet to see how you fight. You are welcome to treat your false dagger in the style of a hammer. But if you have no shield, beware! and defend yourself. Come.'
Talithenis nods, weighting the dagger.
Nimpriel: 'Stand here.'
Nimpriel beckons to Talathien. 'Talathien, here. Talithenis, here.'
Nimpriel gives Talithenis a good, hard stare.
Nimpriel beckons to Talithenis.
Talithenis flips her hood up.
Winner! Talithenis has won the match against Talathien.
Tasvorcot leans to Nimpriel "They're doing well"
Nimpriel nods. 'You are well matched.'
Talathien: 'Well done, Talithenis.'
Talithenis grins triumphantly. "Are you alright?"
Talathien: 'I am fine.'
Talithenis: 'Ok- good. Thank you.'
Nimpriel: 'Talathien, conserve your strength more perhaps... Use your shield. I find alternate use of shield and spear to be rather invigorationg,'
Talathien: 'My strength was never the problem, hiril. hitting my mark was the difficulty.'
Nimpriel: 'Exactly. You get sloppy if you overstretch your strength.'
Nimpriel gives Talathien a good, hard stare.
Talathien nods. "She did well in keeping moving."
Nimpriel: 'She did.'
Nimpriel: 'Though...'
Talithenis looks nervously at the other two elves before her. "Um... that was all, right? I wont stand a chance against either of you."
Nimpriel: 'Have you ever seen a joust?'
Talathien nods. "i have. Seems painful to me."
Talithenis shakes her head.
Nimpriel: 'You two reminded me of a joust at times... often rushing at each other and then it was a matter of who could turn around again swifter.'
Talithenis: 'That is the point, no? To get behind your target for the kill, in a real battle?'
Nimpriel: 'Yes, but you wish to be facing them.'
Tasvorcot: 'Tali do not doubt your skills, as watchers you may often be out matched...'
Nimpriel: 'In a charge, it is anyone's guess who will be swifter.'
Talithenis nods, taking in the note.
Nimpriel: 'If you run in a circular motion, your enemy must turn to face you. Be always at their back, and never face away.'
Talithenis is urged to try it herself, but dosen't.
Nimpriel: 'Come now, Talithenis. Your next opponent is me... But'
Talithenis has her biggest fear thus far answered.
Nimpriel: 'I am only testing your movement. I will defend but only attack lightly, if I decide to at all.'
Talithenis nods, the pit of anxiety dispersed.
The match will begin in 10 seconds.
Nimpriel grins.
Nimpriel: 'For I do not use practice weapons...'
Talathien leans toward Thranduril. "This is going to be good."
Tasvorcot nods "she's rough, but so was I"
Tasvorcot shouts "Talithenis, get closer, move your feet!"
Winner! Nimpriel has won the match against Talithenis.
Nimpriel twists Talithenis's cloak in her spear. 'And dead.'
Talithenis looks aghast.
Nimpriel leans over the girl's shoulder. 'Watch the cloak.'
Talithenis: 'Did you pierce it? This is no ordianry cloak!'
Nimpriel: 'Your footwork was good at first, but you got more confused as we went on.'
Talithenis shushes up.
Nimpriel: 'Nay, I know what I am doing. But do not wear to combat what you fear to break.'
Talathien smiles.
Nimpriel: 'Over time your steps got sloppy, you lost your focus, and had to search for me. Also... reach around my shield. If you hit my shield only, you will break your weapons before my arm.'
Talithenis nods. She had tried ot instead batter it down, like what she would do with her hammer.
Nimpriel: 'Are you tired?'
Talithenis: 'After battle? Nay.'
Tasvorcot: 'Never Hiril'
Nimpriel: 'Not yet you aren't.'
Talithenis: 'More like exhilirated.'
Nimpriel smirks. 'Talithenis, do you know how to use a javelin?'
Talithenis feels the pit of anxiety come back, and sighs. 'No, hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'A bow, perhaps?'
Talithenis: 'Yes- but I dont have one with me. My old one broke.'
Nimpriel narrows her eyes. "Replace it swiftly. Going without a weapon is undesirable, even for a short time. Though I can work spearless... it makes me far more vulnerable.'
Talithenis nods. She had never bothered to use it much, and didnt really value it as nessecary.
Nimpriel notices the nonchalance. '...'
Talathien: 'I would be in dire trouble if I did not have my javelin. A ranged attack can turn the tide of battle.'
Nimpriel: 'It may seem like it is unimportant to use a bow when you fight hand to hand as you do. It may even seem dishonorable in single combat. This is single combat, among allies.'
Tasvorcot: 'But in open combat a bow is a necessity.'
Nimpriel: 'Out there... use your advantages. Shoot them before they see you, drop the bow and use your swords.'
Talithenis: 'Ok, hiril.'
Nimpriel's eyes flash with green fire.
Talithenis flips her hood back.
Nimpriel: 'Thranduril, are you wearing armor beneath that?'
Tasvorcot shift ever so slightly as if expecting a fight 'Yes Hiril, I have a mail shirt on'
Nimpriel pokes his chest with the back of her spear. '...Fair enough. I am simply surprised you would practice in uniform. I do not see the point of robes... though warm they seem unweildy to me.'
Thranduril: 'If you excuse me for a moment, I will don my armour.'
Nimpriel: 'This is fine. It is up to you.'
Tasvorcot: 'One moment please.'
Nimpriel: 'You have not yet had a chance to fight, do you want one?'
Tasvorcot: 'I am prepared Hiril.'
Talathien: 'Talithenis, you may wish to make room.'

Nimpriel pokes Thranduril in the chest again.
Tasvorcot: 'Better this time?'
You say, 'Protective... let's see how you move.'
The match will begin in 10 seconds.
Talathien pays close attention.
Winner! Tasvorcot has won the match against Nimpriel.
Talathien claps for Tasvorcot.
Nimpriel: 'Very good.'
Talithenis cheers at Tasvorcot.
Tasvorcot claps for Nimpriel. 'Thank you Hiril.'
Tasvorcot bows deeply before Nimpriel.
Nimpriel: 'Beware... next time I may use the pointed end of my spear!'
Nimpriel laughs at Tasvorcot.
Tasvorcot laughs at Nimpriel.
Nimpriel: 'Come!'
Nimpriel drops her weapons.

Nimpriel looks at the waterfall. "What do you see?"
Nimpriel glances to the two edhil beside her.
Tasvorcot: 'Nature's fury, but also beauty and grace.'
Nimpriel: 'Talathien?'
Talathien sighs "ferocity"
Nimpriel: 'Go beneath it, stay for a minute, and then return. Tell me what you see. What you hear. What you feel.'
Nimpriel waits.
Talathien shakes the water from her eys and wipes her face off, "I saw nothing but white, hiril, heard nothing but the roar, and felt it's fury. Much like battle."
Tasvorcot: 'I felt heavy, like a great weight was pushing down on me, and I heard nothing but the sound of the fury of the waterfall. I saw only the flood of water, like the emotions of battle.'
Nimpriel nods.
Ithildir spots some familiar figures frolicing in the water.
Nimpriel: 'Are you blind within?'
Talathien: 'Nearly.'
Nimpriel: 'Are you deaf within?'
Talathien grins and nods.
Tasvorcot: 'In battle yes, it is a fault.'
Nimpriel: 'Are you numb within?'
Ithildir shouts from the bridge, "Plesant day for a swim."
Talathien: 'Yes.'
Tasvorcot: 'Only for the first few minutes.'
Nimpriel looks up. "Ithildir! Join us, if you wish!'
Talithenis Looks rather miffed. "What is the point of this?"
Nimpriel looks to the edhil beside her. "Go beneath again. Try to remain until you can see or hear. If you are unable to do so, come out. I do not wish to practice healing today."
Ithildir: 'Suilaid, Mellyn.'
Tasvorcot hails Ithildir.
Talithenis spits water and wipes her soaked hair from her face.
Nimpriel smiles faintly as all three emerge gasping from the waterfall.
Talithenis: 'Hello Ithildir.'
Ithildir: 'An interesting exercise.'
Tasvorcot wipes the water from his face.
Talathien: 'An interesting exercise, indeed.'
Nimpriel grins, green fire flashing.
Nimpriel: 'Go again... until you can see and hear.'
Talithenis looks rueful. "Again, hiril?"
Nimpriel: 'One more.'
Talithenis sighs.
(Thran and Tali almost make it but not quite... Tala needs to come out)
Nimpriel picks up a rock and chucks it at Tali.
Tasvorcot: 'I could almost see it Hiril.'
Nimpriel hits Talithenis pretty hard with that rock.
Talithenis rubs a red spot.
Nimpriel: 'Close. Very close. You could see... but not well enough that you would have been able to stop the rock either.. am I wrong, Thranduril?'
Talithenis touches her forehead unhappily.
Tasvorcot: 'No Hiril you are correct.'
Nimpriel: 'Are you tired?'
Tasvorcot: 'I am beginning to tire yes.'
Talathien frowns. "yes, hiril. I fear I'll need to retire to my house soon.
Talithenis: 'Tired yes- soaked, not really.'
Talithenis looks admiringly at the hauberk.
Nimpriel nods. "Then we will finish here for now, and start here again next time.
Talathien: 'Very well. I bid you goodnight my friens.'
Talithenis: 'Yes, hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'Be aware... the Road goes darker, we have not time... I wish to walk it with all of you, and soon.'
Talathien swims toward shore.
Ithildir: 'Namarie, Hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'They need us, whether we are ready or no.'
Tasvorcot: 'The Road will be defended.'
Nimpriel picks up her weapons.
Talathien lies down.
Nimpriel adjusts her shield. "I wish to leave soon, but not so soon that this new girl will be utterly without training."
Ithildir leans his back against a tree, letting the cool night breeze dry his robes.
Talithenis wipes her face dry, and wrings her hair out. Not suprisingly, the rest of her body, besides her hands, are dry.
Nimpriel: 'Not that you are utterly untrained. For you are not.'
Talithenis: 'Whats this? I get extra? If you wish...'
Talithenis flips back up her hood.
Nimpriel: 'For now, if you are weary, rest but be not idle. Dry off at least.'
Nimpriel moves to sit by Ithildir.
Talithenis sits down.
Tasvorcot sits down.
Ithildir: 'Mae g'ovannen, Hiril.'
Nimpriel: 'So Galathriel has returned... and in a temper, I have heard.'
Talithenis: 'Who is this Galathriel- she seems to be big in your talks.'
Ithildir: 'She may direct her anger toward the Enemy, lest she be found unworthy to lead.'
Tasvorcot: 'Galathriel is a watcher, one of the first. She is a great warrior.'
Nimpriel looks over her spear.
Talithenis nods. She figured as much.
Nimpriel: 'Galathriel abandoned her duty. The nerve.'
Tasvorcot pulls out his sword and begins to hone the blade.
Nimpriel's eyes flash as she gazes at the spear.
Talithenis: 'Was there a stressor?'
Talithenis sits down.
Nimpriel: '....A stressor? She took personal leave and when I confronted her for abandoning duty she sent me back to guide the Watchers. Yet now she claims she did not.'
Tasvorcot stands and puts his sword away.
Nimpriel: 'Were you not going to dry off Thranduril? Go.'
Talithenis: 'Yes, I understand that. A stressor- you said she's in a temper? What may have caused it?'
Talithenis sits down.
Nimpriel grins wickedly. "She claims her... stressor... is me."
Tasvorcot: 'Please excuse me friends, I must go. The speed of my horse will dry me as I ride. The journey to the north is not a short one, but the rangers will welcome me along the way.'
Nimpriel nods in farewell.
Talithenis rubs her neck nervously. She could see why the elf can be a stressor. 'Um... I dont even know... your... erm, name?'
Talithenis sits down.
Nimpriel: 'I mentioned it before -- Nimpriel. You will get used to how things are around here swiftly... I did.'
Talithenis: 'Nice to- uh- meet you, Nimpriel. I just forgot, yes. So- do you have much planed for me? I must really, be, er, going soon... to, um, check on Altian. Yeah, check on Altian.'
Nimpriel raises a brow.
Talithenis rubs her neck again.
Nimpriel: 'Ask him why he did not come.'
Ithildir: 'Fear not, Hiril Nimpriel's tongue is sharper than her spear.'
Talithenis: 'I- I um, will.'
Nimpriel gives Ithildir a good, hard stare.
Talithenis taps the tree, waiting for a sign that she may leave.
Nimpriel turns to face Ithildir.
Ithildir apperaently does not notice THAT look.
Nimpriel: 'And yours comes forth nigh half in jest.... I wonder, what thoughts do you hide behind a simple tongue...'
Ithildir: 'One would do well to balance these dark days with a bit of humor & good cheer.'
Nimpriel glances over to Talithenis. "Were you not going to dry?"
Nimpriel: 'Humor and good cheer.'
Talithenis taps the tree faster, more uneasy, as she listens to Nimpriel. There seems something odd about her. "I am already dry- this hauberk does it for me
Nimpriel: 'Ah well. If you can fight as well as you do it matters little to me, so long as your blades are on the same side I am.'
Ithildir: 'Far be it for me to raise my blade against my kin, ever shall we fight side by side.'
Talithenis begins ot tap her leg as well, until she notices the look. "Ahh, going, goodnight!" She runs away, as casual as possible.
Nimpriel nods and sighs slightly. "A smile may be wisdom, foolishness, or ruse to make others believe you are simple. I do not yet know which is yours."
Ithildir nods to himself, "Then my smile has accopmlished its purpose this night."
Nimpriel laughs, a surprisingly genuine sound.
Ithildir: 'So, you might laugh after all, I did not think you had it in you!'
Nimpriel: 'I did not think you would come tonight. But you hardly need the training. And of course I laugh... everyone does.'
Nimpriel looks annoyed.
Ithildir: 'A warriors training never ends, the soldier who no longer needs to train has already perished.'
Nimpriel shrug. "You seem beyond my training. But if your presence helps the others than I am glad you continue to attend."
Ithildir: 'Many years and many battles have lent me their wisdom, true. But there is always more to learn.'

((Ithildir and Nimpriel continue to talk.))[/i]

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