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re: Transcript: Roving Threats / North Downs


Lossenelenwen:'Baraer, Balhidh, Certhinnodh, Amarahlee...'
'...and Lossenelenwen.'
Lossenelenwen smiles. 'I do not think the Men here are comfortable with our presence. We are strange, and strangers oft a threat. But they do not seem to be of evil kind, even though they are not their allies.'
Balhidh: 'I heard rumor of a great beast, but I hunted these lands many a times without seeing anything stronger than a common troll. Did the rumors really lead us here?'
Lossenelenwen: 'Almost. We are not yet as far as Fornost. I do not know for sure that it will be there, but I would be little surprised.'
Balhidh: 'The world keeps growing more treacherous with every season. This must end!'
Lossenelenwen looks out over the land. "As you say. I walked here only a few years past, but it seemed only strange, not dangerous. Those that live here, though, have grown even more wary with the passing time."
Baraer: 'These rumours whisper of an Ogre, an Oathbreaker, and even of a Dragon. Perhaps we might do our part even without the thanks of wary eyes?'
Balhidh: 'Aye Baraer, your words are well chosen. Let us begin our search, Lossenelenwen will be our eyes, but having a few others on watch would be wise.'
Lossenelenwen: 'But of course. We are better suited for it, I think... There are surely camps and such, but we will not waste our resources on that which the people here are better suited for. It shall be stealth, only to slay the greatest threat and targets.'
Baraer thinks a moment. "Agreed. All the same, thankless position we have chosen, each for ourselves."
Lossenelenwen: 'Come! And speak if you see anything!'
Baraer nods

Baraer stops and listens to the wind echoing through the valley below
Lossenelenwen: 'It is darker here...'

Lossenelenwen: 'This place -- Fornost -- do any of you know it? Or of it?'
Baraer turns to Losse, "It is long since removed from any traces of memory by the looks of it."
Baraer smells the air 'Evil is afoot'
Balhidh: 'Men of old perished here, It is said their fae are still trapped here.'
Lossenelenwen: 'I know only that it was of Arnor, of Arthedain, but nothing else. The province of Men, destroyed by Angmar and left decaying in time. If we know nothing else, we can only learn by moving forward...'

Baraer listens. "We ought not linger in any one place too long. I feel as though we are being watched.
Baraer agrees with Certhinnodh.

Balhidh stares at the statue in the distance.
Lossenelenwen: 'Should we seek together, or apart?'

Lossenelenwen: 'Ive found nothing...'
Baraer grumbles about his boots being wet.
Lossenelenwen: 'Only these worms, and we have not time or inclination to remove them...'
Baraer: 'This place is nauseating'

Baraer: 'A vile madness approaches'
Lossenelenwen frowns, looking thoughtful.
Baraer: 'I do not hink it sense our watchful gaze'
Certhinnodh narrows his eyes and clenches his teeth, staring forward.
Baraer grimices. "What manner of discontent and malice is that creature?"
Lossenelenwen: 'I do not know. It does not look fully in control of its will, and yet it feels evil right through.'
Baraer: 'It appears caged in by these ruins and yet these stones surely cannot contain such threat. Alas, Amarahlee has joined us.'
Lossenelenwen raises a brow with a smile. "All is clear behind us? We were not followed?"
Baraer looks at Amarahlee in hearing Lossenelenwen's question.
Amarahlee shakes her head, "No, we were not. Fortunately."
Lossenelenwen: 'What say you all -- shall we slay it for safety's sake, or leave it alive for good or ill?'
Lossenelenwen thanks Amarahlee.
Baraer hesitates
Balhidh: 'We end this now!'
Certhinnodh pulls out his spear, and frowns staring at the creature.
Lossenelenwen looks sharply at Balhidh.
Baraer: 'I care little for glory. I was rather thinking the creature needs put out of its suffering.'
Lossenelenwen agrees with Baraer. "Certhinnodh? Amarahlee?"
Certhinnodh: 'We should keep this evil from spreading.'
Baraer nods. His eyes fixated on the beast and his hand gripping his blades hilt intently.
Lossenelenwen looks last to Amarahlee.
Amarahlee reaches for her bow, "I say slay it.. then for sure we'll know it will do no harm.."
Baraer begins stepping forward meticulously
Lossenelenwen bows her head before bringing up her bow. "Then it is done."

Defeated Valikas
Baraer wipes blood from his face.
Lossenelenwen: 'It is too large to bury...'
Baraer: 'Who died?'
Lossenelenwen: 'Not us, this time.'
Amarahlee dusts herself off.
Lossenelenwen: 'We should keep moving...'
Certhinnodh nods.
Balhidh: 'aye'
Lossenelenwen: 'Perhaps west, in the fields? The ghosts of Men linger there... though most are harmless, the deadly one may also linger there.'
Baraer: 'Agreed. That was no victory, and it feels no less lighter here.'

Lossenelenwen: '...'
Lossenelenwen: 'I assume no one contests this case.'
Baraer: 'The Dead should stay dead.'
Certhinnodh readys his spear.
Lossenelenwen nods. "Though we cannot remove them all, the most dangerous must depart..."
Baraer: 'More suffering as I see it.'
Amarahlee: 'One less, is one less.'

Defeated Dúrlum
Certhinnodh lets out a mighty ROAR!
Lossenelenwen is paler than usual...

Lossenelenwen: 'All rested? I am grateful for their hospitality, with so little to spare...'
Baraer: 'Yes, the respite though short lived does bolster my courage and lift the spirit.'
Lossenelenwen: 'One thing only for us here, I think.'
Baraer lifts an eyebrow
Lossenelenwen: 'Though they also speak of an encampment - Dol Dinen - these Men have it well in hand. We might only be in the way there... But a Drake of unusual size, we could ease their minds. I do not think they fight drakes often.'
Baraer: 'I wouldn't want to distract them, not even to inquire of the beast. I am ready then.'
Lossenelenwen grins.

Lossenelenwen speaks dryly. "Long histories aside, I think it may be dangerous. The sooner it has an arrow in its breast and eyes shut forever, the better pleased I will be.'
Baraer: 'A shame really. Such strength and antiquity to meet such an end as us.'
Certhinnodh mutters curses under his breath, ending with a sigh.
Lossenelenwen: 'Though if we find we are not up to the task, better to flee then perish here.'
Baraer contemplates. "I dare say, any of our ends be had here. No."
Amarahlee: 'Well, I just try not to get roasted..'

Defeated Rotspittle
Lossenelenwen finds she has nothing to say, with the drake dead. She collapses to a seated position.

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