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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood.

Lossenelenwen counts her arrows to be sure she is had collected as many as she thought she had. Satisfied with the number, she turns to Eonan. "My apologies, even the hunt - as it were - is not excuse enough to cut you off when you had wished to speak your piece. What were you saying, when we were... interrupted... by steel?"
Eonan looks around at the others present.
You say, 'Yes, well I'd rather have this setting than one with wild beasts running about.'
Lossenelenwen enjoys a private joke with herself that the three Eonan sits with are the closest to wild beasts on the Daro a Maetho roster...
Eonan thinks for a moment.
Losluin gazes about the area, briefly pausing on each face before his eyes roam again.
Lomewen lazily looks about the building. "Are wild beasts so bad? The air in buildings tends to feel cloistering to me more than sheltering."
You say, 'I think it would be easiest to start by saying, since I've last seen any those who are present, I have spent time in the south of Mirkwood.'
Losluin 's attention snaps to Eonan's face, expression blank but his eyes are unblinking.
You say, 'The purpose of this, was to aid as best as I could in the cleansing of the forest.'
Lomewen 's eyes sadden, thinking of spiders and other signs of darkness.
Eonan shifts in his seat.
Lossenelenwen 's gaze drifts over a bit more slowly, but she is listening far more closely than she had been.
Losluin 's gaze is intense, unwavering as he stares at the other ellon.
You say, 'As I am sure you well know, there is little that is light there...'
Eonan lowers his voice slowly, and pauses, unsure of his words.
Lossenelenwen is quiet. "More than once there was, and far less than before that. But yes..."
Losluin laughs softly with the slightest hint of madness. He is silent an instant later.
Lomewen feels in need of wine for this conversation as she feels the echo of the Shadow of which Eonan speaks.
You say, '"I wish to see the woods free of the dark and evil things that linger there. I know not, if any here share that. However, that is what I wished to speak to you about.'
Lossenelenwen looks hesitant. "I need not tell you, Eonan, that we will beyond doubt be unsuccessful in buying complete freedom for those woods, even were every Elf among our ranks at war with that darkness for each waking moment."
Lomewen spies the giant keg nearby and decides to avail herself of it. "The woods are too dark, too far gone to Shadow. Greenwood they will never be again. So much pain they are in..."
Losluin 's voice is strange. "Blood and memory, shadow running deeper and blacker than that forest's rivers... How does one cleanse that, I wonder?"
Lomewen picks up an mug and with a cursory wipe, fills from the keg.
Lomewen takes a drink.
Eonan nods. "I understand that. We would make but a dent, would we not? Would it all be futile?"
Lomewen shudders at the bite of the bitter ale. "I know not the effect of an army, much less a party of few."
Lossenelenwen says, 'What would you have us do, Certhinnodh?'
Losluin tilts his head, his eyes still locked on Eonan. "Freedom. Futile; perhaps not? I thought so once. Freedom came though false it proved. Making a dent, chipping, facing it. The true freedom? Perhaps." He seems more musing aloud than addressing anyone in the room. Focusing, "Yes, what would you have of us...?"
Lomewen takes a drink.
Lomewen sits down.
Eonan shakes his head. "I do not know. Fight? That seems to be all I ever turn to; something bad happens, destroy it as best you can."
Eonan rests his forehead on his hand and stares at the grain of the table.
You say, 'Fighting, though, comes at a cost.'
Lossenelenwen touches his shoulder. "I do not know if you would have me say, in the presence of others... but I wonder if your words are twined with..." She stops. "Certhinnodh."
Losluin speaks in a conspiratorial whisper as he leans forward. "It lingers with you. That place, does it not." His glance flickers to Lossen as she trails off, then back to Eonan, eyes narrowing speculatively.
Lomewen turns sad gaze to Eonan. "Truly it would be a drop in the ocean that is the Shadow's influence in Greenwood. I doubt we could withstand the foul wind for long before turning aside."
You say, 'I suppose what I should be telling you, is to stay away from that place. For it is dangerous, and deadly. However, that is not what I ask. It would seem, I seek to spread destruction and pain and ask more people to follow me into said danger. This brings up another point, which is that I am certainly not one equipped to lead anyone anywhere. I'd likely have us all killed before we could get out of the Trollshaws.'
Lossenelenwen is alarmed.
Losluin |Lomewen's sadness has an effect on the youth. Losluin studies her a moment, noting the definite shift from confident stalker of shadow to this sorrowful... something. His hand lashes out suddenly, only to land with a light pat on Eonan's shoulder before he leans back again. "Why not. I am game. Or was once. Prey can become predator." His eyes glitter.
Losluin says, 'Though your lack of confidence is hardly encouraging.'
Losluin breaks out into an unexpected laugh of mirth.
Eonan looks up from the table to Losluin. "I would hope not."
Lossenelenwen quietly, "The spread of destruction and pain is not something you need find guilt for among our company. We have chosen to fight of our own will, regardless of where the fight takes us."
You say, 'Yes, but for me to ask this, makes me responsible for what would happen there. It is most likely none that might come would have ever gone, had it not been asked of them.'
Lomewen sighs. "I think we are all too familiar with destruction and pain. You would not be responsible if we do this, you would be a catalyst.
Lossenelenwen smiles. "If you say that, Eonan, then what have I done? For it is my duty to ask. Feel no guilt, Eonan."
Lomewen says, 'You would not be blamed.'
Losluin 's mirth evaporates, face darkening. "Not been... asked of them... Never have gone." He suddenly snarls. "That place devours even those not asked, not taken. You are not its master nor minion." He takes a breath, the air chilling about him.
Eonan scoots his chair further from the table.
Lomewen whispers. "The shadows of that place have touched many already. We can fight them off, but they are always present, lurking even in bright spots."
Eonan nods, carefully, while keeping his eyes on Losluin.
Lossenelenwen says, 'Have you been in contact with anyone from Thranduil's halls regarding this? I understand they are always busy with it regardless...'
You say, 'No. I did not go north, or speak with many of any sort of people. While I was there, I was simply a spear and shield.'
Losluin takes another breath, noting a rim of frost on Lomewen's mug and stands up, pacing slowly like some forest cat before settling near a pillar, giving Eonan some space. His voice is deceivingly bland, "Go on..."
Lomewen says, 'A thorn in a briar patch, dancing a rhythm of death...'
Lomewen looks down at the frosty mug speculatively, deciding iced ale would suit her fine.
Lomewen takes a drink.
Eonan raises an eyebrow. "Go on with what? Must I elaborate further? I was there, I did not speak with anyone from Thranduil's halls, I only killed orcs, and spiders among other things. It is not they who ask for aid, only me."
Lossenelenwen says, 'Were there any others? Galadhrim or other parties? ...Archers or huntresses?"'
You say, 'Yes, though I fought with them. I was told what to do, and did not ask any more than that.'
Losluin stares at him silently a moment. "Only you. Why does this call to you. The forest's pain? Or the lingering... the taint of the place that will not leave. Why go back?" His tone leaves doubt as to whether Eo is the only one he asks.
Lossenelenwen 's eyes are set on him, almost piercingly. "Did you care what faces they wore? Would you recognise... remember them as if waking?"
Lossenelenwen says, 'Names, even...'
Lomewen drinks another iced ale.
You say, 'There were mostly parties of Galadhrim, rather than individuals.'
Lossenelenwen looks disappointed.
Lomewen says, 'Faces fading into memory, waking thoughts blurred with burning pain, these are Mirkwood. Spider venom spears, fire arrows fly...all in once was Greenwood the great...'
You sit.
Lossenelenwen says, 'The matter, ah... seems settled for you, and for Losluin, and perhaps myself as well.'
Lomewen sits down contritely, her head feeling nice and soft...
Lossenelenwen turns. "For you, Lomewen?"
Losluin keeps his ears tuned to Eonan and Lossen but approaches Lomewen, laying a hand on her shoulder. His tone is gentle despite his words. "Are you too far in your cups that a challenge will not sway you? Or is your spear dulling with too much peace in Imladris?"
Lomewen nods. "I can be a thorn as well, for even a drop of other may turn the shadowy ocean into other, like the right mix of yeasts in a vat of ale..."
You say, 'Yes, what ONCE was Greenwood the Great. But must it remain a forest of fear? Can it not be made good, at least for those who will not remember.'
You say, 'Not even good, but better than it is now.'
Losluin laughs out loud at Lomewen.
Losluin says, 'Yes, it can be made into a vat of ale with the right yeast and drunk, or so this Mirkwood maid with us would say.'
Losluin makes a rather exagerrated gesture and laughs again softly. "Yeast... Let us be yeast and berries to fight the darkness of briny drink that is Mirkwood."
Lomewen toasts Losluin's idea merrily.
Losluin bows deeply before Lomewen.
Losluin chuckles at Lomewen.
Eonan smirks. "Yes, though lets have nobody liken the smells of our rotting enemies to being the 'fermenting mash'."
Losluin smacks himself in the forehead.
You say, 'Alas, it would seem I just did.'
Lossenelenwen winces.
Losluin cheers at Eonan.
Lossenelenwen says, 'It would seem you have a war-party, Certhinnodh.'
Losluin with careful seriousness. "I wish to be the master of spice in this endeavor."
Lomewen says, 'Or a brewery. 'Tis hard to tell which at this point.'
Lossenelenwen puts a hand to her head.
Losluin s eyes twinkle and his lips are curved, but there is a subtle tension under all.
Losluin speaks the name carefully, not overly familiar with the other, "Eonan. May a have a word with you?" His voice is neutral again.
Eonan grows a mildly questioning expression. "Yes, you may."
Losluin says, 'Dhe channon.'
Losluin nods his head slightly and then gestures.
Losluin says, 'Firstly, I wish to... apologize for my strangeness. Secondly, I would ask this, though I know it is none of my business. Why did you go to that place? Why go back? For the reasons you stated only...?"'
Losluin 's questions are measured, quietly uttered.
You say, 'You need not apologize, for what I was asking was rather strange itself. I went because I felt it was necessary, in a sense. I can explain somewhat but I'm not even sure of it all myself.'
Losluin nods, waiting for more.
You say, 'I don't suppose you would know, but Mirkwood is the place from which I hail. However, as I would assume you know, all the elves of Mirkwood are north in the Halls of Thranduil. The second bit, gets more complicated to explain...'
Losluin nods again, satisfied at the first answer, wondering at the second, "I would hear if you are willing. Though being of Mirkwood is an answer to the second also."
You say, 'I don't know if you would remember, or know, but when I first came into this company, it was as a healer. Events that I do not wish to speak of took place, and I felt I had failed, and grew angrier, and decided my time would be better spent with a spear and shield, than it was healing. It would also be because of these events, though, that I was drawn back to Mirkwood to fight I suppose.'
You say, 'That is the furthest I wish to elaborate, and it is the most I can explain.'
Losluin 's gaze sharpens. "A healer. I remember now. Healer to warrior, from failure and anger. Yes. This speaks to me... I also was of gentler bent. It is your Mirkwood that forged me into... Other." He passes a hand over his eyes. "I am grateful you explained that much and do not begrudge you withholding more. We are not.. well acquainted afterall."
Eonan nods. "Shall we return to the others?"
Losluin nods. "Yes, but..." He stalks towards him. "I must warn you."
Eonan tenses up.
Losluin says, 'You are not the only to blame yourself of failing others. Wounds run deep, and scars are many, cleaved nad torn long before we met, in this minstrel and in Mirkwood maid yonder. Should all go wrong... you will not be the first to ask and be followed to doom..."'
Losluin leans in, eyes glittering feverishly.
Losluin says, 'Nay, remember, I was the first piper to lead innocence into danger, left it bleeding on the forest floor. You are blameless ans so shall remain. The guilt of that place I claim. I, and I alone."'
Losluin 's voice becomes harsher, more rapid.
Eonan forgets words, and only gazes at the floor far to nervous to do otherwise.
Losluin says, 'I go, as I would have sooner or late. And would have alone had you not asked this. I walk to danger already wounded. Should doom befall, it will not be your doing. Do you hear me?'
Losluin suddenly grips Eonan's shoulders.
Eonan nods.
Losluin says, 'Maer.'
Losluin says, 'Now. I would ask you help me convince Lossenelenwen to remain here.'
Losluin 's hands drop from the other's shoulders and he backs off a step, voice suddenly guileless.
Eonan looks to Losuin. "If you wish it, then I will.
You say, 'Though I may not understand, I will trust it is for good reason. I do not think it would be otherwise.'
Losluin looks momentarily surprised, "You will?" He blinks, "The depth of my gratitude would know no bounds." His voice quiets again. "She cannot go there, nor the Golden wood. She will freeze, shatter..." The chill around him increases, and though his voice sounds lost, the madness lurks still in the pale eyes.
Eonan steps back. "Yes... I've already asked much of you, though you said you would have gone anyway. I also feel it would be a very foolish thing to anger you." Eonan, feeling uneasy, tries to change the situation. "Would you like to join the others now?"
Losluin blinks again, "Anger me..." His face falls though he hides the expression by turning his head, silvered hair swinging to veil his face. "Yes. I have kept you long enough."
Eonan keeps his eyes on the table as he sits.
Lossenelenwen sets down her glass. "All is well, I trust... We may halt briefly in Imladris proper, and make our way from there as soon as may be."
Eonan looks at Lossenelenwen then to Losluin.
Losluin 's face is half in shadow, "There is no need. The brothers of Imladris have called you often. We three will go, and chance may add more. But surely your duty has more claim here than so far East yet..."
Lomewen says, 'Then to Imladris we travel to make preparations.'
Lomewen says, 'And perhaps meet more willing to fight.'

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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 2 (To Imladris)


SUMMARY:  Kinnies travel to meet in Imladris

((UPDATE:  tracked down some of the missing RP and edited accordingly))

Note: :DS: = Doriathrin Sindarin, :SS: = Silvan Sindarin for dialect translations


Eonan checks the straps on his shield and looks at the elves before him. "I suppose we should not waste any time. Check your things, and we shall make way for Rivendell."
Eonan says, 'Unless anyone objects?'
Lossenelenwen smiles. "Never wasted in good company."
Lossenelenwen says, 'Though there is some urgency...'
Losluin goes through his usual motions, then waits until all is ready.
Lomewen murmurs quietly. "The die is cast. We make way for the shroud of a forest to see what fate befalls us."
Losluin glances at her briefly, brow furrowing, then away.
Eonan nods. "Into the forest, then, and shall we soon come unto the valley."
Lossenelenwen likes the idea of going home.
Losluin realizes he again will be leaving Imladris for Mirkwood, this time without interruption, perhaps.

((They journey towards the Ford of Bruinen...))

Eonan holds up a hand and stops walking.
Lossenelenwen stops as well, but she's not paying attention. She smells pine and water.
Eonan looks around, and continues walking.

((There is an OOC tracker error until...The Ford))

Eonan stops again.
Lossenelenwen pauses with her feet in the stream. She tilts her head, listening to river-song.
Lossenelenwen points to the river-bed. 'There aren't supposed to be any white stones this far out.'

Eonan looks at Lossenelenwen

Lomewen says, 'Which direction? East or West? Perhaps they travelled the river from the Misty Mountains. Perhaps they sing of snow in the East.'
Lossenelenwen nods. "It makes sense they would come from there, but strange also... Why has it not happened before?"
Lomewen says, 'The current of change flows differently from years past?'
Lossenelenwen picks one up and rubs it absentmindedly against her throat. "Whatever the reason, it is not our concern now."
Athrandol says, 'Hello Friends, what brings you this far to the west?'
Eonan shoots his gaze to the new elf.
Losluin turns his head slowly.
Lossenelenwen laughs lightly. "Is it so far? I would still call this home, though perhaps none of you say the same..."
Losluin glances to her, then to the ford thoughtfully, "Not too far to call a home..."
Athrandol says, 'Eonan, is there something bothering you? You look troubled.'
Eonan smiles. "We'll not speak of that here. If you wish, you may come to Rivendell with us and find out there."
Lossenelenwen nods in agreement, a finger still running over the stone in her palm, but she does not feel it is her place to explain Eonan.
Lomewen says, 'We were heading east to Imladris proper, yes, to discuss farther travelings to other woods.'
Losluin beckons to Athrandol.
Athrandol says, 'Well then allow me to accompany you.'
Eonan quickly pivots on his heel and walks forward.
Lossenelenwen notices Eonan's urgency and hopes he's alright. He seems distressed.
Losluin remembers the last delay in travelling east. Eregion, and this same group in Gwingris...
Athrandol lags behind remembering the days when the walk to Imladris was not for matters of war.
Eonan looks at the ground.
Athrandol says, 'What is is Eonan?'
Eonan scuffs his foot across the stones. "I hope these are in their proper place?"
Lossenelenwen glances up. "We are travelling in the correct direction."
Eonan nods and keeps walking.
Losluin stares at the rising terrain, finding an uneasy comfort in it.

((The "Gates" of Imladris))

Losluin and the guards meet each others eyes a moment before he passes within.
Eonan quickens his pace.

((Viewing the valley))

Lossenelenwen sits with Eonan.
Eonan looks out and breathes deep.
Losluin peers into the distance.
Athrandol peers into the distance.
Lomewen takes a deep breath of the tangy pines and clean mountain air.
Athrandol looks to Eonan "Are you ready to head down?"
Eonan says, 'I would like to wait here a moment. Those of you who wish to continue may.'
Eonan sits down.
Lossenelenwen thinks we're all pretty content here. She hums and realises she still has that rock in her fingers.
Athrandol takes a few steps back and gets on his horse, who followed the group the whole time.
Athrandol says, 'I will see you all down there.'
Eonan nods
Lomewen shrugs. "The terrain is lovelier than anything where we are going. It does no harm to appreciate the beauty before our eyes now."
Lomewen sits down.
Losluin studies Eonan a moment, glances to Thran, then moves silently away, the view less comforting than he hoped in light of his thoughts of leaving yet again.
Athrandol gets off his horse, sends it to the stable and waits for Losluin.
Lossenelenwen savors the sight.
Athrandol says, 'To the hall of fire?'
Losluin looks to him and nods.
Lossenelenwen climbs straight down the cliff.

((The following is the "cliff-group" 1st))

Eonan stands.  Eonan kicks some stones off the cliff and walks to the pathway.

Lomewen, 'You say, 'Are you sure you wish to return?  You never know what one will find when overturning a stone.  Especially ones addled with maggots as the Greenwood earth itself.  Nay, perhaps addled perhaps describes me. The earth would be riddled.'

Eonan says, 'No, I am not, but I will. Maybe I will join the maggots under said stone, and be lost to you all. You may all stay, if you wish, as you well should.'

Eonan says, 'As of this moment, I wish to join the others. Perhaps we'll stay here for a good amount of time.'

Lomewen laughs strangely. "Do not say such things, as even words have power. You should not beckon such a fate. Yes, we should join the others."


((The fellowship emote-bug strikes...))

Eonan hails Barabin.

Lomewen greets the other elf.

Eonan turns. "Lets continue to the others."


((Meanwhile, Thran, Los and following Lossy travel ahead into the valley))

Losluin takes a deep breath, enjoying companionable silence.
Athrandol smiles, happy to be home. if even for a short time.

((Hall of Fire))

Athrandol sits down.
Losluin glances to Thran. "Wine?"
Athrandol says, 'No, thank you Losluin. I'm going to have to pass.'
Losluin nods, accepting a flagon from Sogadan should any others decide they wish it, then paces the hall slowly as he awaits the others, deep in thought.
Athrandol goes to remove his weapons and armour, and dons a comfortable robe.
Lossenelenwen assumes her usual perch in the rafters without thinking about it, then reconsiders. She decides to wait until the others arive and hopes no one notices.
Losluin pauses, ears catching the faint music of Athrandol, a strange smile forming.
Lossenelenwen reappears. "Ae [hello], Losluin."
Lossenelenwen smiles again.
Losluin says, 'Dhe suilon [I greet you :DS:], Lossenelenwen.'
Lossenelenwen doesn't say any more for now.
Athrandol walks over and joins his companions.
Losluin nods in greeting. "Lovely music."
Athrandol nods, "Thank-you"
Lossenelenwen hails Athrandol nonverbally.
Athrandol says, 'Do either of you know what has Eonan on edge?'
Lossenelenwen says, 'Not only Eonan, but I do to some extent. I do not know fully why he wished to delay on speaking of the matter.'
Losluin says, 'Yes, there is an edge, obvious or otherwise once he made his plans known. Perhaps for different reasons, all." He shrugs. "It would be odd to speak for him. I know him not well."'
Athrandol says, 'Well let us hope he gets here soon, so that plans can be made, and we can aid him as best we can.'
Lossenelenwen makes herself comfortable.
Losluin agrees with Athrandol; he continues his listless pacing, eventually offering a glass of wine to Lossen.
Lossenelenwen takes it gladly and lifts it to Losluin and Athrandol respectively before drinking.
Losluin bows.

((The rest of the group enters))

Eonan takes a deep breath, and walks towards the elves.
Athrandol nods to Lossenelenwen and smiles
Lomewen sees Sogadan, her "best friend" in Imladris.
Eonan stares into the fires and walks to the ovens.
Lomewen peers out the stained glass while sipping the rich red vintage.
Losluin offers a glass of wine to Barabin, nods in greeting and in thanks for the pipeweed.
Athrandol walks over to the table and sits down.
Eonan gazes blankly at the embers as they crackle.
Losluin bows deeply before Barabin.
Barabin says, 'Thank you friend.'
Losluin says, 'A dhe, mellon. [and you, friend :DS:]'
Lossenelenwen calls. "Eonan, your kinsmen have asked us to speak your mission, but we cannot shape your words as if they were yours."
Eonan looks up quickly and turns.
Losluin approaches him softly saying, 'For... some inner warmth, mellon.'

((hands wine))

Losluin bows deeply before Eonan.
Eonan says, 'Thank you.'
Eonan bows deeply before Losluin.
Losluin nods.
Lomewen sits on the cool marble, not in the mood to appreciate the flickering flames of the hearth.
Losluin sits.
Athrandol looks to Eonan, waiting for him to speak.
Eonan looks around slowly at the elves gathered around him, a sadness lingering in his eyes.
Athrandol says, 'Eonan, is everthing alright?'
Barabin approaches.
Barabin stops suddenly. A look of concern on his face.
Eonan looks at Athrandol. "The reason for which we have gathered here. I've been thinking, rather relentlessly on it, and it troubles me. The four of us you came upon on the road have already spoken on the subject, but I will explain again as best as I can.
Athrandol looks to Eonan, awaiting his next words.
Eonan whispers something quietly, only audibly hissing the lone word "Mirkwood..."
Eonan looks up quickly.
Athrandol looks to Eonan, "You mean to go there and fight?"
Eonan snaps his gaze to Athrandol. "Yes, as I already have."
Athrandol smiles, "It has been some time since I have journeyed there, but I will lend my sword to your cause if you will have it"
Losluin listens, eyes sharp but expression otherwise unreadable.
Eonan says, 'I came to Lossenelenwen seeking aid, and met Losluin and Lomewen then. We agreed to come here and discuss it further.'
Barabin has obviously stumpled into a conversation of some depth. He also listens. He is not distracted.
Lomewen says, 'We would be a small force, mostly harassing the yrch [orcs :SS:] and other creatures of shadow. For an army we cannot be.'
Eonan laughs. "A hasty reply, Athrandol. Hasty as it seems my actions have been. You see, now I doubt whether or not I should have come out of those woods only to drag more in with me.
Athrandol says, 'I would advise against sending an army even if we had one. I agree with a hit-and-run tactic.'
Losluin glances to Lomewen, noting the shift from the last conversation on the matter, then back as Eonan and Athrandol continue.
Athrandol smiles "I am old Eonan, and have not seen battle for some time"
Athrandol says, 'A hasty decision it may have been, but the Malledhrim need our help, regardless of the cost.'
Eonan frowns. "So that makes battle enjoyable? If battle is even what it could be called. Perhaps we'd be overwhelmed and the forest would claim us. It seems its worked its twisted roots into my mind, as it is the sole place that constantly pulls at my mind.:
Barabin takes inventory of his stance upon hearing mention of being dragged. He looks at Eonan.
Athrandol says, 'Nay, not enjoyable, more like a necessity, to ensure the safety of this land for the future generations.'
Losluin stands up, eyes boring into Eonan's. "A change of heart, mellon? I go whether you or anyone else goes. It is merely that our paths might coincide. Do you take back your request for aid?"
Lomewen whispers in a sing-song voice. "Like spiderwebs weaving, you are drawn inexorably into the pattern."
Losluin says, 'The forest claimed me once. I am here now, am I not?'He then falls silent, unhappy that he said this last and sits back down.
Lomewen says, 'Perhaps it is time to burn the webs. Fire is weapon for both sides, yes?'
Eonan looks at Losluin. "Then you will go, and I will go. That much has been made certain, it seems. So we may as well go together. Though, I do wish that I could unspeak my request, though I cannot.
Athrandol looks to Eonan, "I am going as well Mellon, it would not do to let you go and have me stay behind"
Barabin narrows in the eyes, his pupils now fixated.
Eonan says, 'Yes, Lomewen, it is. Fire can also burn those who would wield it.'
Eonan says, 'And should these webs not burn?'
Eonan says, 'They are strong, and they are many.'
Losluin turns his gaze to the hearth, firelight reflecting there, considering this talk of fire. He shifts his feet more firmly underneath him.
Athrandol says, 'We will find a way to destroy them, whether by fire or sword or axe, they will fall.'
Lomewen tilts her head. "Of course fire burns all it touches. It also nourishes and allays shadow, a lesson I am still assimilating myself. Webs burn, poison dissipates with a river's rush. Perhaps the unexpected is now in order.I shall go, for perhaps it is time for shadow to fade and light to sparkle in Greenwood again."
Losluin says, 'Light... Laughter... I wonder.'
Eonan frowns. "Greenwood is gone, and Mirkwood stands now in its place. Even should it be made light again, Greenwood is no more, it will be something new and different. Even then these dark roots of Mirkwood have grown deep, and may still stain the forest evermore."
Athrandol says, 'Aye, perhaps you are right. But we should not abandon Mirkwook to decay and despair without at least trying to save it.'
Eonan says, 'I wish to speak of this no further tonight, we should all rest and meet here later.'
Eonan walks away quickly.
Losluin |An emotion passes swiftly through the youth's eyes and is gone. His lips silently repeat 'roots, deep, stain'.
Lomewen stares after Eonan's back, wondering why he goes with heart so heavy that it seems to contain no hope of cleansing.
Athrandol bows deeply before Eonan.
Losluin stands, looking at Lomewen, some kind of confusion surfacing a moment before he nods to Barabin and slips quietly from the room.
Barabin offers a smile
Losluin pauses at Barabin's smile, offering the flicker of one back and continues

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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 3 (Interlude]


SUMMARY: Barabin, Lomewen & Losluin converse between counsels about Mirkwood...

Note: :DS: = Doriathrin Sindarin, :SS: = Silvan Sindarin for dialect translations 



Barabin says, 'Suilad [hello].'

Lomewen shakes herself off a bit after her swim. "Suil [Hi]. How do you fare?"

Barabin bows politely upon a chance encounter. "I am well, thank you. What brings you to the river's edge?"

Lomewen grins slightly. "I like swimming the water. I find it refreshing."

Barabin smiles and looks off into the water for a moment. "Yes. Yes, how I do enjoy the water."

Lomewen tilts her head mischievously. "What is your favorite? Cold mountain stream, gentle crick, large river, or seaside panorama?"

Barabin sighs. He hesitates, but not for want of a response. Rather, he appears to be off in a private recess of his mind. "If you wish me to choose, I say the Sea. Unquestioningly."

Barabin says, 'And you? The cold mountain stream I am guessing?" He chuckles.'

Lomewen smiles, walking closer. "I do like the cold mountain stream, or the grotto cave, frothing with hidden heat from the earth.  I have never seen the sea so I cannot compare.'

Barabin listens thoughtfully. "You like contrasts then, do you not? The Sea is all that and more."

Barabin steps down so as to be on equal footing with Lomewen.

Lomewen, 'I was supposed to see it, once, but the trip got cancelled. I am afraid I have never been farther west than Celondim's beautiful river. From there, I can only imagine the sea. At some point I would like to smell the salt air of which I was told."'

Barabin nods. "Yes. I have not traversed into the damp and dark places of the earth.. no grotto caves. I am told there is a similar smell, though more dank."

Lomewen, 'It can sometimes feel...close, but with the glittering of crystals and the luminescence of the glowing plants, I do not think it is completely bad. And yes, you can smell the minerals in the water.'

Barabin pulls his attention away from the rushing waters. "I place no judgement on such inner quarters or that which I know little about. Are you fond of stones then, and do jewels fancy your delight?"

Lomewen, 'Jewels? I do like them, for they possess the rarest beauty that the earth can divulge. I fancy them for that.'

Barabin says, 'Ah, yes. Beauty. Such times are these that outside these perimeters, such delights are scarcely known.'

Lomewen 's gaze darkens. "Yes, the shadow spreads from Mordor everywhere, darkening the skies with soot and ash."

Barabin looks suddenly at Lomewen inquisitively, "Do forgive my souring the pleasantries of our exchange. But you are not from here, are you?"

Lomewen shakes her head. "I am from Greenwood the Great, shadowed as it is with murkiness."

Barabin says, 'So far south and east I have not been. We arrive here from opposite directions then it seems. What a joy to now have a moment's rest here in this place.'

Barabin appears content

Losluin pauses, seeing the edhil [elves] nearby and considers.

Lomewen, 'Yes, it is beautiful here with the river's flow from the Mountains. One can rest here indefinitely and have their hearts be at peace. Though ever the outside world encroaches."'

Barabin agrees, shaking his head though with a subtle nod. "Yes. Yes it seems change is the only constant of late."

Lomewen giggles lightly. "Change is the only constant ever. It is why we are now in the Third Age of the world. Otherwise it would still be the first."

Barabin laughs lightly. "Yes. Indeed." He stops short. "Do you hear that? There is a harp being played nearby atop the gentle ease of rippling waves. Can you hear it?"

Losluin 's ears perk up at the sound of laughter; still he hesitates.

Lomewen focuses away from the hypnotic sound of the water, listening. She turns to the sound and recognizes the cornflower garb of Losluin. 'Shall we give the bard an audience?'

Barabin traces the melody from his ears and down stream. 'Let's.'

Losluin sees them approach, deciding something, then nods in greeting.

Lomewen claps for Losluin.

Lomewen says, 'Ever a graceful melody as always, Losluin.'

Barabin approaches. He takes a deep inhalation and stands near to the river's edge allowing the mist to soothe his skin. "Greetings to you. Please do not let us stop your melodies."

Losluin breaks off the music, flexing one hand and frowning. "Dhe channon [thank you :DS:], Lomewen. Dhe suilon [I greet you :DS:], Barabin." He pauses. "My fingers are not cooperating this day..."

Barabin smiles. "Then is not to be. Though sad it does make me as the sound traced us to you here."

Lomewen furrows a brow. "Do you need ointment or anything? The air up here is drier, perhaps your skin and joints need some balm."

Losluin glances to him sideways. "I will continue if you prefer. The stiffness may ease in time. Though it may be the coming endeavor that hinders my hand..." He smiles without mirth. To Lomewen. "Perhaps they do." He shrugs.

Lomewen says, 'An ointment I can provide. Balm for the heart and the worry, not so much."'

Barabin gestures no, that it is ok with his hand. "So gentle a thing and yet so formidable and even violent the water is. Perhaps it gathers your strength?"

Losluin turns to the water, unblinking, "Perhaps it does indeed. It can freeze, thaw then come crashing down in shards, raging only to calm and soothe further on. I wonder."

Lomewen smiles in contemplation at the frothing water. "Yes, we should gather strength with the waves, for water fills all holes, cleanses all filth, leaving naught behind."

Barabin furthers, "Does your harp not act as a balm to this endeavor of yours?"

Losluin thinks a moment, then nods slowly. "Of a kind, though this one is new to me. The harp I knew is no more, and this one yet a stranger." He runs a hand along it carefully as though learning it through touch.

Lomewen says, 'Did you make this one just recently?'

Barabin draws his attention to the instrument.

Losluin, 'Yes. The other was... battered to splinters on the day we lost-- we lost a kinswoman.'

Barabin looks suprised by this. "So then, the harp was of little consequence, yet how sad. The irony of it."

Losluin, 'Yes. The irony. Consequence, little and much. The harp mirrored too much that day...'

Lomewen shudders and holds a hand to her head. "The cliff...that day is such a fog for me now..."

Barabin asks, "Friends, I am fairly new to your company. Who was this person?"

Losluin places a swift hand upon her shoulder. "And so I should not have mentioned it. Think on it no more now." He tries to change the subject, "What brings you both to riverside? Seek you to learn it's mysteries and strength as well?" He stops, as Barabin speaks. Then looks to Lomewen with concern.

Barabin sees the the matter need not be pursued further and returns his attention the the water. Silent now.

Lomewen gazes sorrowfully at the water. "I believe she is at peace, the shadows that gripped her heart washed away as she sought refuge in the West."

Losluin continues to study her a moment, then glances to Barabin. "Her name was Iorun. She... fell from great height and perished. Yet, I think she found her peace before Mandos called her... Irony. We go to the place where those shadows first entered her heart. Irony, coincidence... or something else that we speak of her.'

Barabin meets Losluin's glance. He tightens around the eyes in listening and feeling the sorrow. The loss. He looks down in acknowledgment of such. Nods. And returns again to the water.

Losluin laughs low and strangely, 'I... apologize. The Mourningfrost strikes again.  I have no wish to bring such gloom to you, mellyn [friends].'

Lomewen says, 'She may be at peace now, but many are not. Perhaps in our action we may heal other hearts before they fall to gloom as hers did.'

Lomewen says, 'That is all I can hope.'

Barabin stands dangerously close to the edge, as if effected by the story, or with mind on his own concerns.

Losluin nods absently, eyes still on Barabin as the other stands near the edge. A furrow appears on his brow. He idly begins to strum the harp again, inwardly cursing himself for possibly ruining the tranquility.

Barabin is suddenly brought to again by the sudden melody. He makes a statement which he means more as an offering of his own. "There is always a lesson in the things we do not yet understand and term as 'irony.' This is truth and as much I know, lest I would not be here."

Barabin moves away from the edge.

Lomewen closes her eyes, letting herself be carried by the melody for a bit.

Losluin 's eyes shift sideways to the other ellon [male elf] again, considering. "There is wisdom to your words." He bows his head a moment, "I would do well to heed it."

Barabin softens in the face, obviously now giving himself to the harp's playing.

Lomewen shakes off the melancholy. "You know I am from Mirkwood, and I know you are from the Sea...what part of the great water?"

Barabin responds, though not quickly. There is a hint of sorrow in his eyes that this may very well be the focus of his own troubles. "It has been so long."

Lomewen lets her mind drift again with the harp chords.

[Kinship-OOC] Barabin: Basically, Barabin left Mithlond distraught and no longer feeling he could assist in aiding his people leave westward.. He traveled in the opposite direction and alas is now here.

Losluin addresses Barabin. "from the sea... as if the memories of Beleriand had risen to walk...?" Shakes the fog from his brain. "And Mirkwood, farther from the sea. Did you know of Eonan's desire, or come upon us by fate or chance?"

Barabin responds to Losluin, "My home may never be as once was, but root out the cause we must. Though a craftsman by trade, I have since picked up blades and will do my part. Of Eonan's desire I know not."

Losluin nods. "Ah. His sudden call for aid may have caught many by surprise then..."

Lomewen says, 'I do not know why Eonan sent out this call to aid, but I suspect that seeing how far it has fallen inspired him to make our small band a guerrilla force.'

Barabin listens respectfully but, based on his facial gestures, knows very little of this call for aid which is now here spoken of.

Lomewen tilts her head. "You have not been apprised of Eonan's call? He wants to herd all evil out of Mirkwood."

Barabin looks directly at Lomewen. "And you? How do you feel about this?"

Lomewen gazes out at the water. "I want to return. To cleanse what I may. With enough of us, but not too many, we may harry the forces of Mordor instilled there enough to annoy them without getting ourselves killed. Oust them completely without a joint army from Lothlorien and Thranduil's Halls? Not likely."

Barabin reponds to Lomewen's heated words. "I have traveled this far. But Mirkwood? I think not lest I hear more than want of causing any mere disturbance."

Losluin 's eyes glitter, "I for one would be glad to cause more than mere disturbance..." His face is a mask, but there is a subtle undertone to the voice and a fever to his gaze.

Barabin sighs. 'The further I travel eastward the darker do my thoughts become. Alas I fear I shall never return much less remember small trivial things which once were so comforting and of such great importance.'

Lomewen says, 'Interrupting supply chains, capturing or killing messengers so that they cannot organize and we have information instead, it would help greatly. Any foes taken down is one less to fight later if Thranduil and Lorien united an army.'

Losluin muses softly, 'Shadow falls yet one darker still... may Their will be lessened by deeds of light...'

Barabin thinks a moment, not quick with speach, then responds. "I should like to hear more as to the details of this ambition, but if it be the will of Lossenelenwen, and of the company, I shall follow."

Lomewen says, 'No one forces any of us. If you do not wish to head into Mirkwood, you will not be forced to.'

Lomewen says, 'As a daughter of the wood, I cannot but think it is fate leading me back to the dark boughs.'

Barabin says, 'Though I feel hard pressed in facing this challenge, I know in my heart that what you say leads me on still.'

Lomewen says, 'I would not want the responsibility for your fate. I do not think Lossenelenwen or Eonan would want that either.'

Lomewen says, 'Unless you truly want to face that darkness.'

Lomewen says, 'You come from the sea, a land of beauty.'

Lomewen says, 'Not webs and torches and black ichor dripping on your skin.'

Barabin looks at Losluin, then to Lomewen. "No. No, it is my decision. You do well to remind me of this. I do not blindly offer allegience. The easy routes never seem to offer the deepest truths."

Lomewen looks dark. "Truth perhaps in that Mirkwood is a vision of the future of all of the earth if the free peoples should fail in our individual missions."

Losluin blinks and there is a tightening to his jaw.

Barabin displays the sign of tears in his eyes. "Your words can be trusted. This I feel. You know first hand that of which you speak. Surely you bring to the table your own challenges in returning there."

Lomewen lifts a mournful gaze to Barabin. "A part of me never wishes to leave this respite, but I would not be true to myself." Her voice lowers to a savage purr. "I wish to see the dark things fall to an unerring strike with my spear, their foulness cleansed by water and root."

Losluin 's fingers are still; he lowers the harp to a casual position, cradling it as he ponders their words.

Barabin smiles. "We are gentle and fluent folk. Though, like these waters, our gentle strength is a formidable force to be unleashed."

Losluin 's gaze snaps to Barabin's face at this, though his voice remains neutral. "Gentle...strength. Yes. I had forgotten it can be so..." He frowns, "Or have been blind to the examples near me..."

Lomewen says, 'Aye, we enjoy peace and most would not march to battle except for necessity. But when we do we are as floodwaters from a mountain thaw.'

Losluin mutters to himself about "thawing".

Barabin offers a half smile, his eyes softened. He looks up and over to the rivers source.

Losluin watches him, then lets his gaze travel there as well.  Almost to himself, 'As long as it is unleashed on foes, not friends...'

Barabin smiles more fully and looks to Lomewen. "As steadily and determined as the water pounds the stone beneath it, so too are gems of brilliant colours made."

Barabin suddenly if but for a second only glances back curiously at Losluin for his last remark.

Losluin looks back as Barabin speaks, notices the glance to Lomewen. "Gems of brilliant colour." There is a ghost of a smile. "Just so, mellon [friend]."

Lomewen says, 'You were asking about gems earlier. Do they speak to you?'

Barabin says, 'They do not. I only was referencing our small talk moments ago.'

Losluin, 'Talk upon which my music intruded. I should let you get back to it.'

Lomewen smiles. "Yes, the water's path and gem's growth do have time and endurance in common.

Barabin says, 'Then surely, how much more with us?'

Lomewen agrees with Barabin.

Losluin bows, moving away, thoughts occupied with speech of floods, thawing and gems.

Barabin bows. "I bid you each a pleasant morning and a hopeful day. My thoughts draw me elsewhere."

Losluin pauses and nods. "Novaer, mellyn [Be well, friends :DS:]."

Lomewen bows. "Reflect wisely, Hir [lord]. I myself am getting some repast and a drink."

Barabin bows deeply.

Lomewen walks to the halls of fire to find her favorite vintner.


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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 4 (Counsel]


SUMMARY:  All meet once more in The Hall of Fire to plan for departure into the Misty Mountains...



Losluin sits down.

Athrandol sits down.

[GAMEMASTER] Eonan: 'The last meeting in the Hall of Fire regarding Mirkwood ended in Eonan storming out of the hall stating only for the elves to convene once more at a later time; which is where the elves find themselves now.'

Eonan says, 'I believe it has been decided that a number of us will be finding ourselves in the Nightmare that once was Greenwood. However, there are things that must be decided still. When should we leave, and should all of us? If there are some who must stay, this would certainly be the most appropriate place to stay.'

Eonan glances to Losluin, and quickly looks away.

Athrandol says, 'Well... The number of us to go should be small enough to be unnoticed, but large enough for combat if the need arises.'

Losluin notes the glance and turns, pale eyes resting keenly on the other.

Lossenelenwen smiles slightly. "It seems hardly fair to decide to leave those that could not make it to a meeting on such short notice." she says in a gentle half-chiding and half-laughing tone.

Lomewen, 'I have no intention of staying. Now that my mind is clear of Shadow, my intent is to clean out Greenwood's shadow. And I agree with Athrandol about the size of our group.'

Eonan turns to Lossenelenwen. "I suppose waiting for others would not be any sort of a problem, Mirkwood will certainly still be there.

Eonan says, 'But for how long.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'How long shall we wait, or how long shall Mirkwood remain?'

Lossenelenwen does not say this one jestingly, but it seems rhetorical anyway.

Eonan says, 'How long should we wait. I know how long Mirkwood will remain, I fear.'

Athrandol says, 'I would think that those assembled here are enough to slip by any patrol, and we are all accomplished warriors.'

Losluin speaks to all though his eyes have not strayed, voice casual, "Of course, you could remain to send any in our trail who wish to follow, Lossenelenwen. Surely you have other duties than the cleansing of Mirkwood, do you not...?"

Eonan quickly adds. "Aye, that seems a proper thing to do."

Lossenelenwen looks around at them all. "Surely you do not intend to leave immediately, and with no warning to the rest of your kinsmen about when you do so!"

Athrandol looks up, "The lord Elrond can send word around Middle Earth faster than any of us can, I'm sure news of our journey would reach our kinsmen soon enough"

Lomewen frowns. "I do believe Barabin was interested in seeing Greenwood, horrible though it has become."

Losluin shrugs slightly, "They are not my kinsman though I aid them; it is for others to decide such things. As for this, am I wrong that Athrandol, Eonan, Lomewen and myself are determined in this course?" He nods at Athrandol's words as well, a gesture as if to say, "See?"

Lossenelenwen says, 'Your kinsmen are less than an hour from here, those that listened to the words of Certhinnodh on this matter!'

Eonan says, 'Perhaps if we were to leave without them, they might gain something from my words pertaining to Mirkwood. If we left, perhaps they might see that it is a GOOD thing that they would not be going to Mirkwood.'

Lossenelenwen puts a hand to her head.

Lossenelenwen says, 'Why did you ask for aid if you did not wish it?.'

Athrandol says, 'I agree, if we delay then our allies could be persuaded into going and then our secrecy and stealth would be lost.'

Eonan says, 'I did. Now, actually having spoke of it; I think it may have been best to never bring it up. However, that is past, and still we are here.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'I think those we miss will find it mildly vexing to not be allowed choice in the matter.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Or more than mildly.'

Losluin takes a deep breath, "Barabin did express interest... Shall we wait for him and others? I have little say in this matter." He looks to others. "I will wait if need be. I have waited this long, afterall..."

Athrandol says, 'We should send word to Barabin to meet up with us along the way, the others are sure to hear what is going on from Lord Elrond'

Athrandol says, 'Then they can decide if they want to follow us or not.'

Lomewen, 'Perhaps we can take a moment to make a plan of exactly what we are going to do to cleanse Mirkwood. Are we attacking supply chains, are we killing all yrch [orcs :SS:] every time we see an encampment, are we spying instead to track movements to give to the Lorien and Mirkwood elves? Are we instead going to do all of it at any chance we can?'

Lossenelenwen looks disgruntled but doesn't argue entirely. "What is this about sending word? Summon him from wherever in this valley he works or sings and ask him."

Eonan says, 'We will wait for Barabin, but not any others. They may remain here, angry and safe. Perhaps, Lossenelenwen, if you are so concerned with how they would perceive it, you may remain here and explain to them. Tell them I did not wish to wait, you needn't elaborate further.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'I am less concerned for what it may be perceived as and more for what it is. Lomewen's words match her temperament, and Losluin's his. Athrandol speaks perhaps eagerly, but not unusually. You, on the other hand, would not have spoken as you do now before you earned your latest name."'

Lomewen looks at Eonan. "At one point you wished aid, and now you do not for you fear for the safety of those that volunteer. What has so changed your mind in such a short time?"

Eonan says, 'The words of others. I'm looking at this all differently than I was when I asked for aid.'

Eonan looks at Lossenelenwen. "And perhaps I fear that a name I've earned may suit me too well."

Eonan stands

Lossenelenwen says, 'No riddles, Eonan. You call for aid, you speak of danger. The weaving of words will not help your allies.'

Lossenelenwen looks more stern than usual, but her face inherently lacks some of the power of older elves...

Lomewen gazes curiously at Eonan, wondering at this new mystery of his name.

Eonan says, 'You seem to have some grasp of it, and you've spoken the name once before in the presence of others; why not again? I am simply Eonan, once more? Certainly not now.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Names are many, it will be long before we know which one sticks on the tongues of they that sing your name. Certhinnodh, Eonan, others I have never heard and more yet you have to earn.'

Lossenelenwen looks pained. "You are quick to anger, now, and I do not wish it to cause your further grief in rashness."

Losluin 's eyes pause on each as they speak, then remain on Eonan. "This fear is not unknown to me. Names earned, or given, is it not our choice to own them or be other? I will not ask you to speak the name, unless you desire to air such to those present..."

[GAMEMASTER] Eonan: 'Certhinnodh refers to runes fading: Eonan once was a healer, until certain life altering events took place and he decided to take his stand as a warrior.'

Eonan takes a seat and breathes slowly, staring at the floor.

Eonan says, 'Perhaps Certhinnodh isn't something for me to fear. I think only Mirkwood will reveal that now, though.'

Athrandol says, 'Eonan, as was said before, I think we should decide on a plan of action while we wait for Barabin, so we don't go into Mirkwood blind.'

Lossenelenwen nods slightly, looking at Eonan.

Eonan says, 'Yes, we do need a plan. Does anyone have any suggestions. Personally, upon arrival, I like the idea of being the eyes for the elves already there.'

Eonan says, 'Tracking the orcs movements.'

Athrandol says, 'I agree, perhaps a few raids, but only if it can better our position, I say we let the Malledrim handle all the major battles.'

Eonan says, 'Should any small orc groups pass, would we think it safe to handle them ourselves?'

Losluin 's mask-like expression softens as he ponders what he is hearing and seeing. A trace of shame passes over his face. He waits for others to speak while he considers.

Athrandol says, 'Possibly, we would have to consider the numbers, terrain, and our element of surprise.'

Athrandol says, 'We don't just want to run into battle, we could easily become outnumbered.'

Lomewen agrees with Athrandol. "I agree. I think staying on the periphery might be of more benefit. Small skirmishes would be ideal, and I also think disrupting supply chains can cause havoc amongst them. Possibly also destroying any machines of war they possess. Anything gone would take them time to rebuild again."

Lossenelenwen says, 'Orcs are a symptom of Mirkwood's pain, but even the battles themselves are as well...'

Lossenelenwen might be talking to herself.

Athrandol nods to Lossenelenwen, "I agree, some battles are needless"

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps we should discuss the route we are taking to get there...'

Lomewen, 'That sounds like the best idea. We all concur on the plans when we do arrive.'

Eonan nods. "Some are perhaps as dangerous as the woods themselves."

Lossenelenwen says, 'High Pass, Caradhras, foolish alternatives...'

Lomewen sits.

Athrandol says, 'I'm not against the Hollin gate.'

Eonan quickly looks up, mouth slightly agape.

Athrandol says, 'The Dwarf Expedition has made great headway, and it is faster than going over the pass.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'How many horror stories do we need to have the whit of sense it would take to steer clear of there?'

Eonan says, 'I believe the dwarves embellish on their success, especially in that forsaken hole.'

Athrandol says, 'Mithrandir has already cleasned the halls of the Balrog, and the dwarfs combat the goblins and orcs as we speak.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Travel in the sight of stars.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'For as long as one may.'

Athrandol says, 'Well we cannot take the Gap of Rohan, Saruman has already made that clear.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'It is early yet, would the High Pass not suffice?'

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps, I have not been any farther East than this in a long time.'

Lomewen, 'Could we go by water? Right up the Anduin?'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Up the Anduin?'

Lossenelenwen looks thoughtful.

Lossenelenwen says, 'I do not know it that would be feasible, but it is intriguing.'

Lomewen shrugs. "It would take a long time, but it would be a safer route.

Lossenelenwen says, 'A very long time. We might pass into winter that way...'

Lomewen, 'Although since the plan is to harass Mirkwood, I do not know that safety is our first priority.'

Losluin looks up at this, "South to the sea, then to the mouth? Though... is Edhellond not now abandoned. What ship to sail from that course... As for the High Pass, I know it from recent times, if not recent enough..."

Athrandol looks to Losluin, "So not down the Anduin, what then of High Pass brother?"

Eonan sits with Lomewen.

Athrandol says, 'So are we to try the High Pass then?'

Losluin blinks slowly at the word 'brother', but seems to warm further amongst the company; his gaze is thoughtful, "It has been some moons since last I travelled it. It was just before meeting those who would become Daro a Maetho, Hir Loenn and others." He glances to Lossen, "The last bit of scouting led south instead, but... if the goblins are yet manageable, we may find passage."

Lossenelenwen says, 'There are foes on each route, this seems most reasonable to me.'

Athrandol says, 'I agree, we can travel during the day and keep a weather eye at night.'

Eonan says, 'That seems fine to me. I do not know the path through Moria, and the Anduin is far too long.'

Athrandol says, 'I have been through Moria before, if the mountain defeats us, but let us hope it does not come to that.'

Eonan says, 'A foolish path to a dangerous destination, perhaps we will be lead to it anway.'

Eonan says, 'The High Pass is what we shall attempt first, anyway.'

Athrandol nods to Eonan, "I second that"

Eonan nods. "If everyone is in agreement, I'd say the only thing left is to wait."

Lomewen, 'Agreed'

Athrandol says, 'I would say so, let us go find Barabin!'

Losluin nods silently, but his gaze goes back to Eonan, still pondering.

Eonan says, 'He knows we are here, does he not? Time would likely best be spent here preparing while we wait for him.'

Athrandol says, 'Very well, I will see to weapon and armour repairs. Unless something else is more dire?'

Losluin says, 'I am... unused to travelling as a company, small as it may turn out to be. What preparations may I aid with? -he flushes, somewhat embarassed-'

Lomewen, 'If no one else minds, I will help with the travel rations. I will be sure to prepare lembas for easy travel. \'

Lossenelenwen nods,

Athrandol smiles, "Well we shall need provisions, and rations, and most likely horses"

Eonan jumps up and walks over to the vinter

Losluin 's eyes light up, thinking of Lomewen's fine cooking... and brewing. He glances sideways to Thran, "I suppose I can assist Lomewen in acquiring what she needs and check with Ladrochan in the stables for sake of our horses."

Athrandol stands, "That would be much appreciated, I do not know your skill in smithing, but I could always use help at the forge as well"

Lossenelenwen says, 'I might be a better hand for that.'

Eonan says, 'However, while we are still in the Hall of Fire we should just enjoy the company, and some wine?'

Eonan point.

Lossenelenwen says, 'I have forged few, but I know blade-lore in both history and application...'

Athrandol smiles to Eonan, "Agreed!"

Athrandol drinks to Eonan's health.

Lomewen smiles in thanks at Eonan for the wine.

Losluin seems relieved he can bow out of work near such fierce heat, but tries to mask it and focuses on the mention of drink instead. "Wine. Yes, a fine idea."

Lossenelenwen draws close to Losluin and speaks under her breath. She doesn't look pleased nor angry.

Losluin looks to her curiously as he bows to Eonan for the wine.

Athrandol says, 'Well I will head to the forge then, Lossenelenwen whenever youre ready.'

Lossenelenwen nods to Athrandol.

Athrandol bows deeply.

Losluin agrees to something Lossen says, but his eyes grow wary.

Losluin says, 'You should aid him as you agreed,, yes? We can speak later...'

Lossenelenwen speaks again.

Losluin shrugs and nods at her.

Lossenelenwen raises a glass to Eonan and to Lomewen. She meets Losluin's eyes once more before departing.

Losluin turns and looks between Eonan and Lomewen, eyes keen and face a mask again.

Lomewen sips her wine some more, catching his look. "What is it, Losluin?"

Losluin says, 'I think we should speak of names and forests that feed on what is brought into them... If you have cooking to do, however... -his eyes glitter strangely- Eonan and I may speak of it privately.'

Lomewen, 'I can cook in here. It is the Hall of Fire, after all. I think I may be interested in this conversation.'

Eonan nods. "We are all going together, so you have just as much right to know."

Eonan looks to Losluin, carefully.

Losluin 's expression is blank. He shrugs casually, "Very well."

Eonan says, 'Do not misunderstand this though, I will not be some open book. There are things I wish to keep to myself, and therefore questions I am likely not to answer.'

Losluin suddenly laughs, a bit madly but there is mirth. "Nay! Nor would I expect you to. You do yourself credit to fend off my intrusive speech. Nor would I easily give my tale to a stranger." He bows ironically.

Losluin says, 'However.'

Losluin says, 'It was said here that your temper is not what it was, that you have changed. It is said of the Golden Wood that no evil dwells there that is not brought. Mirkwood, in its state, seems to amplify. Are you prepared to face your doubts should you go back? Or are you a danger to our company?"'

Eonan hardens his expression. "The same could certainly be asked of you. No, I do not think I will be a threat. I asked for aid, yes, but I have made it clear that I am MAKING nobody come, if they do not wish to."

Eonan says, 'No, I did not make that point clear. It was made that way by everyone who said they would still come. Despite multiple chances to stay behind.'

Lomewen speaks softly. (to Eonan) "I would just like to know you better. After all, you asked for aid in a dangerous place which demands an arduous and potentially dangerous journey."

Losluin looks like a cat who has been splashed with water. (to Eo) Slowly and low, "And do you ask me? Perhaps you should have thought harder on who you chose to ask aid from if you knew the danger..." He takes a deep breath, "You are correct. We all made clear are intent, our will. The call for aid was yours, the call to answer, ours."  

The elf tilts his head, growl fading and tone musing, "You sound more confident. Good, I will follow you this way. Your lack of it earlier may have made this more dangerous. Now... is another matter." He bows slowly, eyes still on Eonan but there is respect. 'We must be who we wish to be, mellon [friend]. Not Certhinnodh [runes-fading], nor Naerring [mourning-frost], if it is not... who we are...' He trails off into silence, gaze to the fires behind Eonan.

Eonan looks at Losluin inquisitively. "I believe Certhinnodh certainly is who I am, whether I fully understand it or not. Perhaps it would be better said, I fear what may come after that."

Lomewen muses quietly. "Mirkwood has a way of changing one into something else. It is not really a surprise, though a shame, that the runes no longer speak to you after time spent in that place.  Spilled blood does tend to change one, after all.'

Eonan tilts his head a bit. "Certhinnodh began before I ever went to Mirkwood. The forest just quickened the pace, it would seem."

Losluin blinks, looking between them again, "At least one knows who he is... That is a better state than neither. Aye, quickened. Amplify things, it does, that place. But if you are content... what comes after can be dealt with then. Yes?"

Lomewen, 'Like baking seed in batter, it made the warrior rise.'

Eonan says, 'That is for Mirkwood to decide, while we are there or once we leave... If we leave.'

Eonan says, 'Alas, I cannot see the future, so I will have to go and see.'

Lomewen stares into the fire at his comment.

Losluin laughs softly at Lomewen. "He is batter now? I thought we were a travelling brewery? I so looked forward to being Master of Spice..." ((see Part 1)) He pauses as Eonan speaks, face darkening, "Mirkwood has decided more than it deserves. I say, we take our own fates and make them what we will, whatever Greenwood darkened plans for us."

Lomewen, 'Hmm, so he is yeast in the brew...basically the same thing. I just had lembas, not wine, in my head.  We will not be trapped in Mirkwood, for we do something that most do not...we go to fight it. Intent matters, I think.'

Losluin looks shocked, "Whatever is it doing there without wine? Your head cannot be right if it be not soaked in spirits...!" His lips twitch.  Sobering, 'Intent.  I hope it does."

Lomewen ponders his statement. "You are right. I need another glass. For we may not have such fine wine on our travels."

Eonan laughs lightly. "Another glass sounds good."

Losluin looks as though there is more he wishes to ask or say as he watches Lomewen approach Sogadan. He merely passes a hand over his face and swallows the words, taking a glass and raising it, eyes almost apologetic as they glance to Eonan and away. He drinks swiftly.  "I will leave you to less... dire matters...' He bows deeply.

Eonan bows to Losluin.

Lomewen bows deeply before Losluin.

Losluin pauses, then shakes his head and walks away, somehow shrunk in upon himself. The strange elf is gone and a troubled, young one leaves in his place.

Lomewen sits down, calculating how much flour to barter for. "Eonan, Losluin means well, even if he can seem a bit...harsh."

Eonan thinks for a bit. "I do not doubt that he means well, and harshness is sometimes needed. Something about him does make me nervous though; I will not, however, pry at the matter.

Lomewen nods. "Probably better for your peace of mind, methinks. Is there anything else you think we might need? I will see about some brandy, since we are going into the Misty Mountains. We of course need to stay warm."

Eonan says, 'I can't think of much now. I'm sure the list will grow the further we get from Rivendell.'

Lomewen, 'Well, unless we are planning on taking pack-horses we cannot take too much for provender. We will have to rely on the wild to provide once we cross the mountains."'

Lomewen purchases supplies from Gilfiniel for making the lembas for the journey.


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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 5 (To the Misty Mts)


SUMMARY:  A small group of Daro a Maetho kinsmen depart Imladris, travelling into the Misty Mountains...



((The Hall of Fire))

Lomewen sits.

Athrandol appraoches Lomewen and says "Enjoying the warmth?"

Lomewen smiles. "Yes, for it shall be certainly chill where we are going."

Athrandol smiles back, "Yes it will, but i think the chill is the least of our worries"

Lomewen says, 'The chill is not just of body, but of heart in those dark woods.'

Lomewen stands up.

Athrandol says, 'I have only traveled there before the necromancer took refuge there, back when Dol Guldur was a stronghold of our people.'

Lomewen, 'That seems like so long ago. It will be so much different now.'

Athrandol says, 'It was a time before Sauron was lord of Mordor back when things were simpler.'

Lomewen, 'When he had more of a body? At least all was at first glance more straightforward.'

Athrandol smiles, "Even before that, when he was first learning to forge Rings at Tham Mirdam"

Lomewen say, 'Such a long time ago...was all the world filled with more beauty and fewer dire problems?'

Athrandol says, 'It was very beautiful, the trees were young and filled with song, there were no worries of ambush or wars with orcs.'

Lomewen, 'It must have been idyllic. Do the memories weigh heavily upon you now?'

Athrandol sighs "But that time is passed unfortunately, and there are some things I would rather not discuss about the first age"

Athrandol nods "Yes, being Noldorin there are things I am not proud of"

Lomewen nods. "I understand. I will not make mention of that time unless you feel the need to speak of it."

Athrandol says, 'If you wish to hear more of that, it won't be from me... You'll have to ask Lossnenelewen to recount the history of the Noldor.'

Lomewen, 'I am familiar enough with why you do not wish to speak of the age and the things that happened. What would you speak of now, while we still have respite before heading into forest dark?'

Athrandol smiles "I would tell you of the Sea and the Undying Lands"

Athrandol says, 'Never have I heard tales of such beauty as I'm sure you have also'

Lomewen smiles wistfully. "That is something I have not seen, though some have told me of the Sea."

Athrandol says, 'but we as Daro a Maetho have the opportunity to not only see it ourselves someday, but to aid our fellow kinsman to the Havens. Do you know of what I speak?'

Lomewen tilts her head. "The ships heading West."

Athrandol smiles "That is part of it yes"

Athrandol says, 'Lomewen, I would like your help with something'

Lomewen grins. "What would an Eldar of such age and prestige want with a young wood-elf?

Athrandol says, 'I would like to you study under me to become a Watcher. Our numbers are few of late and with the coming darkness the small group of us that are left will need all the help we can get.'

Lomewen, 'Watcher? Those that watch the road?  After Traedan went into Moria?'

Athrandol says, 'That is correct'

Athrandol says, 'We will be avoiding Moria at all costs however.'

Lomewen, 'I know the road from Imladris is more dangerous now than it was a few years ago, but I am not sure I am a good fit for escorting our people West. Will they not have their own company escorting them?'

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps, but we cannot be sure. You will not be alone in this venture. I will be with you every step of the way.'

Athrandol says, 'You do not need to decide on this right away, please take your time and think it over carefully.'

Lomewen, 'I know my heart lies in the East, in Greenwood fouled. I do not know if I can completely empathize with those whose hearts have already moved West. I will think on it though.'

Athrandol says, 'I will be traveling to the greenwood as well. I fear our help will be needed there more than ever.'

Lossenelenwen sits down.

Athrandol bows deeply before Eonan.

Eonan bows deeply before Athrandol.

Athrandol sits down.

Lomewen sighs and picks up her batter to cook in the warm hearth.

Athrandol looks to Eonan, "The weapons and armour are all prepped and ready for use Hir [lord]"

Eonan nods.

Lomewen, 'I prepared Lembas for the journey when the hunting and foraging get too difficult.'

Eonan says, 'Good. What else should we make sure of before leaving?'

Athrandol says, 'We are headed over the Misty Mountains am I correct?'

Lossenelenwen nods.

Athrandol says, 'We may need furs and heavier cloaks.'

Eonan says, 'And kindling perhaps?'

Eonan says, 'Though we should travel light as possible.'

Lomewen shakes her head. "Kindling would require a pack horse. It weighs too much."

Athrandol says, 'We could bring oil instead, that would be easy to carry'

Lossenelenwen keeps her eyes on Losluin. "The cold is unlikely to be chief among our concerns, though true that we should be prepared..."

Athrandol says, 'I have bandages and other equipment for treating minor wounds, but my skills in medicine are nothing to boast of.'

Losluin seems bemused as he listens, gaze landing on Lossen as she stares at him.

Lomewen adds. "I have an herbal salve that should be of aid in small injury. And...sometimes I am better with healing than at other times." She falls silent after this odd statement.

Athrandol smiles as Lomewen.

Losluin 's gaze moves to her briefly, something passing through his eyes and then gone again. "She indeed has a knack for healing. Something I decidedly lack." He ends dryly.

Eonan smirks. "I find myself lacking in that area as well, it would seem."

Athrandol smiles "Shall we prepare to depart then?"

Lossenelenwen plats the back of her hands. "We have little confidence, for a party choosing the trail for a long time. It bodes ill."

Losluin says, '-quietly- In healing, perhaps. Not necessarily in other things...'

Eonan nods. "I'd say I've grown rather confident in my hacking and slashing skills."

Eonan says, 'Sometimes at least.'

Athrandol chuckles at Eonan.

Lossenelenwen says, 'Trusting in our own bodies for repair, in a wood unlike to these Shaws.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'So be it.'

Athrandol says, 'Let us be off then!'

Lomewen 's gaze is far away. "Yes, I believe this party is quite able to shed the blood of enemies. Healing is something else. A gentler art that the woods would not have. Yes, we must needs depart for the shadow to be rent asunder."

Athrandol says, 'We must trust in our skill at arms to make up for our lack of skill in medicine, perhaps the Malledrim will be able to aid us if anything goes ill.'

Losluin shifts uneasily, some thought entering his mind but says nothing, nodding in general agreement.

Athrandol says, 'Are we planning on departing today? If so there are s a few things I must gather from my room.'

Eonan says, 'Yes, we are.'

Lomewen says, 'Then I will be off, for the garb of a maiden at the hearth is no longer appropriate for where we travel. A shield now makes the best accessory.'

Athrandol says, 'Perfect, I will go and grab my things and meet you by the gates.'

Athrandol bows deeply.

Lomewen, 'Then we meet at the stables?  Or the gates?'

Eonan says, 'I'd like to get a bit ahead. We'll meet at the gates.'

Lomewen whistles for the charcoal steed nibbling lush grass.

Lomewen ponders the direction the leader of the party decided to go, but shrugs and slowly walks her steed.


((The group departs the Last Homely House at varying speeds))

Lossenelenwen pauses and speaks low. "You're ready I trust?"

Losluin nods.  'And you, to see us off?'

Lossenelenwen says, 'I wanted to speak with you when there was time and you would not, so I cannot say or ask all I wished.'

Losluin says, 'Time fled faster than expected.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'The swiftest question -- am man theled ídhrodh darthathon? [Why do you desire that I will stay?] Losluin...'' Lossenelenwen puts a hand on his arm involuntarily.

Losluin says, 'So you will not shatter." He walks away, shrugging the hand off with that odd statement.

Lossenelenwen presses her lips together as he walks away.

Eonan tosses a pebble at Losluin to get his attention.

Losluin turns, raising a brow.

Eonan says, 'I thought you wanted hiril [lady] Lossenelenwen to stay here. When, and how are we supposed to handle that?'

Losluin says, 'It is handled.'

Eonan nods.

Eonan says, 'Apologies, if I've bothered you. Let's meet up with the others, then.'

Losluin nods in return. "No bother."


((The group reaches the pass to the Misty Mountains from Imladris))

Losluin says, 'Shall we begin? I assume we said our farewells to Lossenelenwen before leaving Imladris proper...'

Athrandol peers into the distance.

Lomewen speaks to her party. "I believe she was coming... I know nothing of farewells."'

Losluin says, 'Coming. To see us off? It was my understanding she was to remain for kin duties.'

Lomewen frowns, wondering if she remembers conversations incorrectly.


((Dine' arrives to aid the company after some OOC catch-up))

Celebdineth waves to everyone.

Eonan says, 'I don't see why she would come so far out of the valley just to see us off.'

Eonan hails Celebdineth.

Losluin looks around, relaxing slightly when he sees the rider's identity

Lomewen waves hesitantly at the unfamiliar face.

Athrandol's mount bows low to Celebdineth.

Lomewen says, 'Hail! Have you come to join us on the journey to Greenwood Dark?'

Celebdineth bows her head slightly. "Yes. I heard of this excursion in a slightly round about way and thought there might be need of me. If that's alright, of course."

Snowy Lynx threatens to attack!

Athrandol smiles to Celebdineth "Of Course it's alright"

Lomewen says, 'We welcome any that would dare step foot in the forest.'

Athrandol waves to Lossenelenwen.

Lossenelenwen leads her horse up.

Lossenelenwen looks uneasy.

Lomewen waves to Lossenelenwen.

Eonan glances at Losluin.

Losluin 's face is stoney.

Athrandol says, 'Let us be away, it is already noon!'

Lossenelenwen looks over the assembled and tilts her head. She mounts up.

Lomewen agrees with Athrandol.

Losluin 's brow lowers slightly.

Lomewen, 'Yes, we should make camp before nightfall. These mountains do not seem safe.'

Snowy Lynx threatens to attack!

Athrandol says, 'We could easily make Hrimbarg if we get a move on.'

Celebdineth looks back and nods to Lossenelenwen.

Lossenelenwen says, 'Hrimbarg?'

Athrandol says, 'It is a dwarf keep just south of the high pass.'

Eonan nods slowly. "Alright."

Lomewen practically perks her ears. "Dwarves? They seem to have excellent ale. It would keep us warm in the mountains..."

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps there is a better place to camp, I have not been here for some time.'


((The group departs; two lag behind...))

Lossenelenwen looks almost sullenly at Losluin.

Losluin, '...'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Losluin.  Is it that important to you?'

Losluin grates out. "Please. Stay." Nods slowly. "And yes, it is."

Lossenelenwen frowns, places her hand on his. "I will stay. For now.  If no news reaches me, overlong, or the wrong sort of news...  I will not stay.  I cannot.'

Lossenelenwen says, 'Keep them safe. And yourself.'

Losluin lets out an explosive sigh of relief, not realizing he was holding the air in.

Lossenelenwen says, '....'

Losluin, 'I will, Lossel...'


((Meanwhile, up ahead...))

Snowy Lynx threatens to attack!

Snowy Lynx threatens to attack!

Lomewen sighs, 'We are missing compatriots...'

Athrandol says, 'I will go back for them'  


((Thran rides back))

Eonan frowns.

Celebdineth sighs.

Lomewen smiles and introduces herself. "I am Lomewen of Mirkwood. I do not know if we have met."

Celebdineth blushes slightly and smiles. "I'm Celebdineth, and I think we've met before. I'm a bit reclusive it seems."


((Thran reaches the lagging pair))

Athrandol's mount rears up in a flourish.

Lossenelenwen keeps her hand on Losluin's a long moment. "Novaer. Cuio vae. [Farewell/be well.  Live well. :DS:]"

Losluin, 'Novaer... [Farewell :DS:]'

Losluin's mount bows to Lossenelenwen.

Lossenelenwen bows to the elf-folk and leads her horse away.

Athrandol waves goodbye to Lossenelenwen.


((Thran & Los ride to the main company))

Athrandol says, 'Lossenelewen will not be accompaning us on this journey, let's press on.'

Lomewen ((to Dine')), 'I understand. I mostly fish in the Bruinen and cook said fish. So I am just as much to blame for not socializing properly.'

Losluin's mount bows low to Celebdineth.

Losluin says, 'I am Losluin...'

Athrandol says, 'I am Athrandol.'

Eonan nods, and turns his horse.


((The group rides out farther))

Lomewen says, 'Why is Lossen not coming? I thought she was?'

Losluin ducks further into his hood.

Lomewen catches his movement out of the corner of her eye. "Do you know, Losluin?"

Losluin says, 'She has duties...'

Eonan kicks his horse swiftly into a canter-like gait.

Lomewen whispers to her horse to move more swiftly like the others.

Athrandol points something out.

Athrandol says, 'If we keep heading south we'll run into giants sooner or later.'

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps East then?'

Athrandol says, 'Through that pass to our left?'

Celebdineth says, 'It might be better, yes.'

Lomewen looks at the steep eastern path doubtfully.

Athrandol nudges his horse forward at a slow pace.

Lomewen peers at the trees, satisfied that they will find fallen timber for any needed campfires.

Losluin eventually throws back his hood, taking a deep breath of chill air.

Athrandol looks around him at the mountains and trees, taking in the scenery.

Celebdineth fidgets a little and rubs her arms through her clothing.

Athrandol points at Curr-olog.

Eonan furrows his brow

Athrandol says, 'I don't think they have seen us yet.'

Celebdineth says, 'I'm sure they won't be friendly if they do.'

Eonan says, 'Back up slowly, out of sight. We'll make some sort of plan.'

Lomewen 's voice is dry. "Nice of them to keep the road clear for people to wander into for snacks."

Athrandol dismounts and tethers his horse to the tree.

Losluin says, 'There were not... this many when last I came. The Mountain stirs with foes now...'

Athrandol says, 'I do not remember that many trolls in the mountains either.'

Losluin whispers to Rosloch and dismounts.

Lomewen says, 'And they are out in the afternoon light. They are not as bothered by the sun as their brethren. They must be a new breed.'

Athrandol agrees with Lomewen.

Eonan says, 'Well, they're here now, regardless. We must deal with the ones in our path.'

Athrandol says, 'Well if it were only one I would say fight, but not in that great of number.'

Eonan says, 'So is there another way to go?'

Athrandol says, 'We could go back north, to the source of the Bruinen, and then east from there.'

Losluin says, 'We may find passage to the northern high pass, if we wish to avoid these troubles to reach the southern. Whether it is the same danger...'

Losluin shrugs.

Athrandol says, 'It is up to you Eonan, should we try and wait out the trolls or head back north?'

Eonan says, 'If we cannot fight them, I see no other option. A distraction, perhaps? I doubt we have time or the supplies to create anything likely to distract those.'

Losluin |Rosloch idly hooves the snow, turning his equine head to eye the trolls warily.

Athrandol says, 'I could provide a distraction.'

Athrandol says, 'I am sure my horse could out run those trolls long enough for you to get past, then I will follow under cover of night.'

Eonan says, 'The night could bring more troubles, as well though.'

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps you are right.'

Eonan walks to the tree and stares out.

Losluin is silent, unused to making plans with others safety at risk.

Lomewen says, 'We could all try to run through them, as our horses are fresh and those trolls seem rather slow of body.'


((Losluin follows Eonan))

Losluin says, 'Any thoughts...?'

Eonan says, 'I don't like the idea of getting too close to these trolls, but heading back north will lose time.'

Losluin says, 'Some, it is true. Any way could lead to delay in these mountains... There may be trolls to the north as well. We know not until we decide.'

Eonan says, 'I'd like to minimize risk as well as possible, especially this early on, though. So, north it is; in hopes of smaller foes should we come upon them.'

Losluin nods.


((Both return))

Athrandol says, 'What did you see?'

Eonan says, 'We will head to the northern pass, and hopefully away from such trolls.'

Athrandol says, 'Very well. A wise decision.'

Losluin pats Rosloch and re-mounts.


((The group travels away from the mountain trolls, heading north.  After a goodly amount of time, they seek a camp...))

Athrandol says, 'Wait Eonan'

Athrandol looks to the trees surrounded by the hills to his right, "What about there?"

Eonan says, 'It seems like it would have shelter from the wind. Let us see.'

Athrandol says, 'Deeper in perhaps?'

Athrandol beckons to Eonan.

Eonan says, 'This seems a good place.'

Athrandol says, 'If this is suitable, I will take first watch.'

Athrandol wraps his cloak around himself and heads towards the entrance of the valley.

Athrandol sits down.

Lomewen pulls her cloak out of her saddlebags to warm herself in the cooling night.

Celebdineth frowns a little and rubs her gloved hands together.

Eonan walks closer to the hillside, and sits.

Losluin glances around awkwardly, tending to his steed.

Eonan pulls a cloak out of his pack, and wraps it around himself tightly.

Celebdineth sits down.

Lomewen sits down by the trees. "Shall we make fire or hunt are are we all still to replete from Imladris food? We can break our fast in the morn."

Athrandol calls back, "I am good until the morning"

Eonan says, 'A fire would be nice, but I can hold off on food.'

Athrandol sits down.

Lomewen gathers fallen twigs and logs to make a fire.

Losluin moves away from the fire building when she returns.

Lomewen sets up a low-smoke fire, banking it to give off low heat through the night.

Eonan leans his head against the tree and closes his eyes.


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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 6 (The Tunnel...)


SUMMARY: The small Daro group breaks camp after the first leg of the journey, finding and entering a tunnel in the Misty Mountains...



Athrandol looks to Eonan as he approaches.

Eonan hails Athrandol.


((Barabin travels swiftly to catch up with the departing elves))

Barabin stops suddenly, hand on sword and at the ready.

Athrandol appears out of the shadows and hails Barabin.

Athrandol bows deeply before Barabin.

Barabin bows deeply before Athrandol.

Barabin hails Eonan.

Eonan bows.

Athrandol looks to Eonan, "If you are rested, the watch is all yours."

Eonan nods. "As you wish"

Barabin greets Eonan before joining the others.

Eonan bows deeply before Barabin.

Barabin bows deeply before Eonan.

Barabin looks wet and his skin even more white than usual.

Athrandol walks back to the group and sits by the fire.

Losluin slowly paces the dale, pausing now and then to glance at the others, thinking.

Eonan sits, and peers out the mouth of the dale.

Barabin says, 'Greetings friends.'

Losluin hails Barabin.

Lomewen bows to Barabin. "Greetings. So you decided to join us on our trek to Greenwood?"

Athrandol sits down.

Lomewen sits.

Barabin stretches out his hands before the open flame, first removing his gloves one finger at a time.

Lomewen frowns up at Barabin. "Did you dunk yourself in the Bruinen cold?"

Athrandol says, 'I know trolls are more fierce at night, but we may have a better chance to sneak by them.'

Eonan wanders further away from the camp

Athrandol says, 'I will go ask Eonan what he thinks.'

Barabin looks down at Lomewen only to flash a playful frown.

Athrandol hails Eonan.

Eonan hails Athrandol.


((Lossen is following OOC, a stand-in for Dine'))

Barabin turns to Celebdineth, offers a quick smile. 

Losluin pats Reindeer on the head.

Eonan bows deeply before Athrandol.

Athrandol bows deeply before Eonan.

Lomewen says, 'I am glad you have joined us, Barabin. You decided to travel East after all."'

Barabin says, 'Excuse me, I will go see how the others fare.'

Athrandol peers into the distance.


((In response to hearing they will be moving out soon; missing RP))

Losluin idly ruffles the ears of the reindeer. "Very well."

Lomewen stares into the fire and wonders what conclusion the more experienced Edhil [elves] will come to regarding the packs of trolls.


((Barabin comments that Losluin seems to have found a friend and inquires if all is well; missing RP log here :/))

Losluin turns and flushes slightly, nodding.

Losluin looks at the deer and laughs softly. "Aye, all is well."


((The group begins to break camp))

Athrandol looks to Eonan, "All is clear ahead'

Lomewen says, 'So we sneak past the trolls?'

Eonan says, 'Alright. Everyone, when you are ready to go, gather at the entrance to the dale.'

Lomewen stands up and banks the fire with nearby snow.

Athrandol says, 'The trolls are to the south hiril [lady], we are headed north'

Eonan says, 'We'll be heading North from here, hopefully to avoid them entirely.'

Losluin takes deep breath of chill air.

Barabin watches as his prints return to white in the snow.

Athrandol looks to Eonan, "Lead on Hir [lord]"


((They travel north from the dale, seeing the remnants of a campfire))

Eonan stops and stares at the fire ahead.

Athrandol says, 'Let's go take a look Eonan'

Eonan nods.

Barabin talks with the Winter Fox.

Losluin watches them go, finding travel with fellows odd compared to lone ramblings. He shifts his bare feet in the snow, barely making an impression.

Athrandol bends down to look at the fire, seeing the ground recently disturbed.


Barabin shifts his attention to the firmament and does take council from the stars.

[GAMEMASTER] Eonan: 'Upon walking up to the fire, a tunnel is found.'

Barabin gives a strange look at the others, sizing them up. And down.. to their bare feet.

Eonan says, 'Come, we've found a tunnel.'

Barabin says goodbye to the Fox.

Barabin says, 'Strange this.'

Eonan says, 'It looks as though it may cut through the mountains, it would be a quicker path.'

Losluin stares at it, not recognizing the location from his passage through.

Athrandol says, 'I would agree, could save a lot of time.'

Losluin says, 'It is possible, though it is not one I am familiar with.'

Eonan says, 'The concerning part is the fire. Though, the mountains here should be at a thinner point, I wouldn't think the tunnel would be very extensive.'

Lomewen says, 'Was there a tunnel here of old? I have heard of goblins in the mountains. Could they have dug it out?'

Barabin says, 'I agree. A fire, and no bodies to be kept warm by it. It may save time. Or it may be a trap of some sort.'

Losluin nods in agreement with Barabin.

Athrandol says, 'The tunnel predates the goblins, it was made by the elves in a early alliance with the dwarves.'

Barabin says, 'And since?'

Eonan says, 'Someone has been here recently, at least. Though, I think to save time, we should at least try the tunnel.'

Athrandol says, 'It has since been lost, gone out of memory.'

Losluin sniffs the air, much as an animal might.

Lomewen rolls her shoulders, limbering up for potential threats under the ground.

Athrandol says, 'I would not assume the goblins would know it was here.'

Athrandol says, 'I did not expect the fire however.'

Barabin says, 'We cannot tarry in the chill endlessly, lest sleep settle in. The passage would be warmer no doubt.'

Losluin glances behind at their path here.

Athrandol says, 'I am prepared to enter.'

Eonan says, 'As am I.'

Barabin says, 'I will go.'

Losluin shrugs. "It may be better than the path I chose once. Or not. There is no telling unless it is tried..."

Lomewen shrugs, always ready to shed goblin blood if need be.

Eonan says, 'Then let us go.'

Eonan steps forward to go into the tunnel.

Athrandol follows him

Barabin glances over at Losluin, given his words of paths once crossed.


((The group enters the tunnel; the following is a fast & loose raid-style fight in Helegrod, not RP-based combat))

Eonan pulls off his cloak.

Lomewen puts her cloak in her pack.

Athrandol removes his cloak and pulls out his bow.

Barabin says, 'What manner of obstacle is that?'

Eonan says, 'A very large, very scaley one.'

Athrandol says, 'That is a lesser Drake.'

Barabin says, 'I don't suppose we might speak with it?'

Athrandol says, 'No, I say we fight.'

Athrandol says, 'I'll draw its attention while you all get behind it.'

Lomewen says, 'I do not think drakes listen...'

Eonan readies his javelins, and shield.

Athrandol draws his sword in salute to Ice-drake Guard!

Lomewen readies her spear and tests the weight of her shield.


((Fighting ensues and the exploration continues...))

Athrandol says, 'Lets head up stairs.'


((Greater foes are encountered...))

Losluin adjusts his shield and stretches.

Barabin says, 'Lets finish it then.'

Eonan says, 'Lets fight.'

Barabin cheers.

The lever falls into place. The obelisks surrounding it illuminate.

The obelisks surrounding the lever illuminate. Gears grind to the south as a gate opens.

The obelisks surrounding the lever illuminate. Gears grind to the north as a gate opens.

Gears grind to the west as the gate to deeper beneath the mountain opens.

Athrandol cheers.

Barabin looks at Ice-drake Guard.

Eonan sighs.

Losluin looks around.

Lomewen grumbles about how annoying it is to pierce through drake-hide.

Athrandol draws his sword in salute!

Barabin agrees with Losluin

Grisgart says, ''You have made it far, friends. You picked the wrong path to venture down. This hall will be your tomb!''

Grisgart says, ''Come closer. Allow me to show you what it is I can do. Come, Elf.''

Grisgart says, ''I control the beasts before you! It is they who will end your pitiful lives!''

Grisgart says, ''Burzgost, Burzdyr, your defence is your own!''

Grisgart says, ''Rêmgoj, Praunk-goj, your defence is your own!''


((The foes are defeated after a harrowing battle; 6 taking on a 12-man raid = success ;) ))

Eonan lets out a mighty ROAR!

Barabin begins to smoke.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'You make it out of the tunnel... to a brief break. The snow piles high to left and right... The only way forward is underground, a second cavern that is staked out by different creatures...'



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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 7 (Undermountain Webs)


SUMMARY: The path leads into yet another tunnel filled with spiders, fires and a lost soul bearing a cryptic message and mysterious red gem.

Edited: minus (most) typos & GM /tells to each character are not present.  Corrected per GM notes in Kinchat, etc.



[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'You make it out of the tunnel... to a brief break. The snow piles high to left and right... The only way forward is underground, a second cavern that is staked out by different creatures...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'All roll please.'

Losluin pauses, holding up a hand. "The cave... there is a distasteful warmth..."

Athrandol says, 'I don't feel anything, perhaps we should continue.'

Lomewen stares ahead at the cave. "Darkness looms ahead. After what passed I doubt shelter would go unnoticed by denizens of Shadow."

Alestriel says, 'Or, we could just stay here! The snow is lovely...'

Athrandol says, 'Well we can't stay here, and we cant go back... I don't feel like going toe to toe with another wyrm.'

Losluin looks at the cavern, uncertain, "I feel something, yet if others do not..." He shrugs, "Heat can be odd to me. If we are cautious, it may be nothing."

Eonan says, 'I agree with Losluin, the cave feels warm, unsettlingly so.'

Lomewen says, 'We are between the cave with danger certain and behind the cave with maw and claw.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The snow begins to fall in earnest, less lazily.'

Athrandol says, 'Well, whatever happens... we need to get out of this weather.'

Alestriel says, 'Well, I'm just itching to go inside. I'll wager an old cave like that has old texts or inscriptions hidden away. Just think of all that knowledge waiting to be perused!'

Lomewen says, 'Or it was burned long ago by the fires of the monsters inside.'

Athrandol lights his lantern and prepares to enter.

Alestriel summons a tongue of flame in her palm, to cast light.

Athrandol steps into the tunnel and draws his dagger

Lomewen muses, "Or we could dig tunnels in the snow as badgers do...and avoid dark caves altogether..."

Losluin smirks at Lomewen's comment, a twinkle showing in his eye a moment as he also enters.


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Icy walls are coated in shimmering webs, here. A drakeskin lies on the ground near the entrance, as snow has drifted in.'

Alestriel says, 'Now listen, all of you. I won't have any of you going and destroying anything that may look promising, understand?'

Lomewen looks around at glistening caves and thinks any papers long gone.

Athrandol laughs "not a problem"

Eonan says, 'And how are we to make anything out when its all covered in webs?'

Eonan laughs.

Losluin looks around.

Alestriel flashes Eonan a perturbed glance

Athrandol says, 'I have little memory of this place, but I have been here before.'

Alestriel says, 'You just leave that to me. I wouldn't expect a mind like yours to appreciate lost knowledge.'

Athrandol says, 'I will do what I can to recover your lost tomes.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Yes, that fire is there.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'None of the humans, though. Only spiders.'

Alestriel examines the piles of detritus

Lomewen says, 'Spiders do not light fires. something else must be here.'

Alestriel bands down and picks something off the floor.

Athrandol says, 'What did you find?'

Alestriel says, 'Hmm. A scrap of parchment, but nothing legible upon it.'

Athrandol says, 'Maybe it was left by whoever made this fire.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The fire smells bad.'

Eonan coughs.

Alestriel says, 'Perhaps. It doesn't appear to be very old, which would fit your assertion.'

Athrandol says, 'I would say this fire was made with the corpses of spiders, by the smell of it.'

Losluin stares at the fire, brow furrowing at the smell.  'This... is not the warmth I spoke of. There is something else...'

Alestriel says, 'Well, that just means you have something nastier than spider in here to worry about.'

Lomewen says, 'In any case, we should move along. We knew coming in that we would fight our way through.'

Athrandol says, 'I agree.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Goodness, there are a lot of spiders.'

Athrandol says, 'I tire of battling spiders'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Still nothing else though.'

Athrandol says, 'Another Fire... what do we make of this?'

Alestriel laughs at Athrandol.

Alestriel says, 'Apparently, we make another fire!'

Athrandol hates spiders.

Lomewen says, 'Somebody has no sense of smell and wishes to warn spiders away?'

Alestriel points something out.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'All roll 100'

Alestriel says, 'Look. I see more fires in the distance, and shadowy figures moving about.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The shadowy figures turn out to be...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Spiders. They are not put off by the fire. How odd.'

Alestriel points at Athrandol.

Athrandol says, 'Steel yourselves, there are great spiders ahead!'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'None of the encountered giant spiders are difficult to defeat, but it is tedious work cutting webs and beating them down.'

Alestriel shrugs.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The distasteful smell and warmth definitely comes from the (now many) spiders.'

Athrandol says, 'I think we have hit a dead end.'

Alestriel says, 'Well Athrandol, I concede. You were right. Nothing but spiders in here.'

Athrandol smiles "for once I regret being correct"

Lomewen frowns. "Spiders cannot build fires, though. Striking tinder? Or carrying torches?"

Losluin 's brow is still furrowed, as he searches for the source of the odd "warmth".

Alestriel says, 'Can we just leave now? These webs are getting all over my dress!'

Athrandol says, 'This tunnel just keeps descending, I'm not feeling so confident anymore.'

Losluin murmers to himself, "..where is it... what is it?"


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'A long and shallow pool (more of a puddle, really) lies across the tunnel. On the other side, two more fires.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'All roll 100'

Lomewen rolled (100): 86

Alestriel rolled (100): 41

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Eonan and Athrandol reach the pool first, to find it is not cold to the touch.'

Athrandol says, 'Strange, the pool is warmer than expected.'

Eonan says, 'Such a large collection of water, in this dark cave? It should be cold.'

Losluin wonders at the feel of the pool on his feet.

Eonan says, 'How odd.'

Lomewen says, 'Not if it is fed from deep beneath the mountains. They could be warm from the fires of the earth.'

Alestriel nods

Alestriel says, 'I agree. Unless...'

Lomewen points far off. "There, a figure in the pool."

Lomewen approaches cautiously.

Losluin peers into the distance.

Alestriel tries to follow Lomewen's direction

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Lomewen is right. There's something by the water.'

Alestriel says, 'Where? I see nothing from here.'

Athrandol pulls out his sword and follows Lomewen.

Losluin follows guardedly.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: '....The figure is thin, wiry. Long, bright brown hair. His eyes are wide open, blue and fierce, but they see nothing.'

Lomewen says, 'Greetings, stranger. We mean no harm if you wish none in turn.'

Losluin stares at the eyes intently.

Alestriel says, 'He appears dazed. Losluin, is there anything you might do to help him?'

Losluin says, 'Nae [alas], I am no healer. Of mind nor body...'

Alestriel says, 'Ah, well, fortunately I have some study in the healing arts. Let me take a closer look.'

Lomewen waits for a response from the stranger. Hearing none, she continues. "You have kept yourself alive though spiders are like gnats in this cave. You must be very brave."

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'He lies half in the pool, clad only in warm (though torn) leggings and a thick cloth band, sewn with a red gem, about his throat.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'He makes no reply.'

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps we should start a fire, to wick away the chill.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'It is not until Alestriel touches him that it is clear to anyone -- though abruptly 'tis clear to everyone -- that he is dead.'

Alestriel bends down for a closer look at the figure

Alestriel says, 'Well, first of all, why don't you big, strong warriors make yourself of use, and pull him out of the water?'

Lomewen mourns the fate that they did not come earlier, and helps pull the ragged figure from the pool.

Losluin, '...'  He kneels down to help Lomewen pull the slight form out of the water.

Athrandol lights a fire on the ground, to shed some more light on the figure.

Alestriel says, 'Someone start a fire. Here, I have some healing herbs...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The body moves easily... He is an Elf. Unfamiliar to anyone present.'

Alestriel reaches into her pouch and takes out a handful of athelas.

Alestriel leans down, and crushes the athelas under the stranger's nose, waving it back and forth gently.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'He does not stir.'

Lomewen quietly murmurs, "How long he must have been alone in this dark place...if only we had come here sooner."

Athrandol says, 'This is one of the Silvan Elves, a servant of the Greenwood.'

Losluin 's masklike expression flickers. His face is cold but he cradles the figure gently. "One of us. He has passed to Mandos..."

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'All roll 10'

Alestriel places her fingers on the elf's throat, to feel for a heartbeat.

Lomewen rolled (10): 5

Athrandol rolled (10): 2

Losluin glances to Thran at this information.

Alestriel rolled (10): 3

Losluin rolled (10): 1

Eonan rolled (10): 9

Lossenelenwen rolled (10): 1

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'There is a skittering sound, from north and above.'

Lolsuin leans closer, shifting the form in his arms, "What is this?" He moves the cloth from the elf's throat carefully.

Athrandol looks in the direction of the sound

Losluin says, 'Something dark...'

Athrandol rolled (10): 6

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The cloth about his neck is a rich brown, and the gem set in it beautiful, though stitched poorly.'

Losluin 's brows raise, "There are runes on his skin."

Alestriel says, 'Where? Let me see.'

Losluin shifts the form so that Alestriel can see the neck.

Alestriel moves closer to examine the runes.

Alestriel says, 'Hmm. it is Cirth, but in the Common tongue. It reads, "Every knot is of one web. There are no coincidences." Cryptic, at best.'

Losluin reads it, glancing at Alestriel with a questioning look, nodding at her words.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Though not everyone can see from where they stand, all see the spiky rune-lettering that is etched darkly on the elf's skin. He seems to have tried to hide it with the cloth brace.'

Athrandol says, 'I feel as if we are being brought into something we were not prepared for.'

Alestriel laughs at Athrandol.

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps this Silvan was captured, tortured, and escaped somehow.'

Athrandol says, 'I have never seen marks like that on an Elf before.'

Losluin 's jaw tightens minutely.

Lomewen frowns and glances at Thran. "How did you know he was of Greenwood? And I doubt that he would have marked himself willingly."

Alestriel says, 'Well, it does appear he attempted to keep the markings hidden.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'His appearance is distinctly Silvan. (though I'm not saying he's of Greenwood or not.. at lest not here...)'

Alestriel says, 'So, it may be safe to assume he was not at all proud of the markings, further suggesting they may not have been placed there willingly.'

Alestriel says, 'Basically, yes Lomewen, I would have to agree with you.'

Losluin looks back down at the unmoving elf, staring. Quietly, "He should not be left in the dark..."

Alestriel says, 'True. But first, i would like to take a closer look at that gemstone.'

Athrandol looks to Lomewen "I agree, he did not mark Himself willingly. But his hair and small frame suggest he is from Mirkwood. I am not totally confident though"

Alestriel ignites a tongue of fire in her palm, and bends close to the gem,

Losluin makes sure Alestriel has the best angle to see, though he does not move his gaze from the still face.

Athrandol takes a few steps back to allow for more light from the fire.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'A soft wind murmurs through the tunnel, and the skittering to the north and.. Up... grows louder. The fire twists in Ale's hand, away from the gem. The gem itself, at a guess, seems made not mined. It is a rich red.'

Athrandol Looks up and to the North, and pulls his bow off of his back.

Athrandol rolled (100): 36

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Athrandol's bow is off his back.'

Losluin |Musing, "I see no wounds..."

Athrandol says, 'We need to get out of here, something is coming.'

Athrandol looks around with a worried look on his face.

Athrandol rolled (100): 75

Alestriel Looks up at the group

Losluin stands with the figure still cradled, careful not to jostle Alestriel.

Eonan turns to face the sounds.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The nasty-smelling fire goes out.'

Alestriel says, 'We should definitely think about leaving this place, but we should take this gem with us. It may have more to tell us about our unfortunate friend, here.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'There is a softer light, leading up a ways, at the end o the tunnel.'

Eonan quickly readies his shield and spear.

Athrandol says, 'Eonan, lets go see what's up there. Lomewen, stay here and protect the others.'


((Thran & Eo go ahead a bit...))

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Tendrils of the fire you lit begin to move away from their source, lazily picking up some of the spider-threads along the ground.'

Eonan nods.

Athrandol puts his bow away and draws his greatsword.

Alestriel takes the gem-bearing cloth from around the dead elf's neck, and secures it in her pouch.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'It is more difficult to remove than Alestriel expected, but it comes off.'

Losluin looks at the fire, eyes widening a bit, voice still low "We should not set the place ablaze.  Not while we remain in it.'

Eonan peers out, then shakes his head slowly.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The direction Eonan is looking.... seems to lead out.'

Alestriel says, 'Come. We have no time for a proper burial. Others can return at a later time.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Something moves in the darkness above them.'

Losluin says nothing but keeps the figure with him.

Alestriel Looks up at the ceiling

Athrandol looks up at the sound in the dark

Athrandol rolled (100): 56

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The low fire continues its slow travel towards the webbed wall.'

Eonan says, 'Athrandol says to ready yourselves, we are leaving.'

Athrandol hisses "Put that fire out!!"

Lomewen stamps out the fire and smothers it with her cloak.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Lomewen extinguishes the fire.'

Athrandol says, 'Eonan, lead them out. I will follow.'

Alestriel looks back up at the ceiling.

Alestriel says, 'We should go. I have a bad feeling about this.'

Losluin follows, carrying the still elf.

Eonan beckons to no-one in particular.

((A fast & loose sketch of the Mirkwood Kin-RP Part 7 scene: Spider tunnels, elf corpse, gems & runes...)) (From left: Athrandol Telumahtar, Alestriel o Rivendell, Losluin Naerring, Lomewen Daetiri, Eonan Catan)

((A fast & loose sketch of the Mirkwood Kin-RP Part 7 scene: Spider tunnels, elf corpse, gems & runes. Will be replaced... eventually.))

(From left: Athrandol Telumahtar, Alestriel Aradwen, Losluin Naerring, Lomewen Daetiri, Certhinnodh Eonan) 


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The party departs the cave.'

Athrandol sits down.

Eonan sits down.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'As the party moves from the tunnel and back into the snow, the rush of cold air makes that disturbing warmth fairly clear.'

Lomewen wanders about, looking for a spot to bury the lost elf under the stars.

Alestriel pulls the cloth from her pouch, ignites a tongue of flame, and shields it from the wind as she examines the gemstone more closely, turning over the cloth to see if anything is on the backside.

Athrandol says, 'I am glad to be out of there, that place was not friendly.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'On the left, stairs rise up, soon engulfed in snow (though possibly still ascendable?) and on the right, another section of tunnel plows through the mountainside. This one doesn't feel so disturbing.'

Eonan says to Lomewen. "Perhaps a place near some trees?"

Athrandol says, 'I say we ascend, but if the group wants to go down into the depths again I will follow.'

Lomewen nods and looks sad. "I do not know if we have the equipment to do what is needed for him."

Losluin says, 'The snow will have to suffice.'

Eonan says, 'It does not melt so far into the mountains. He'll likely not be disturbed.'

Athrandol says, 'I agree, the snow will do him justice.'

Losluin searches for a low spot in the ground, hoping to gather any fallen pine branches to cover him should they be near, the snow to crown all.

Lomewen starts digging at the snow.

Athrandol beings to dig in the snow with Lomewen.

Eonan kneels in the snow to help dig.

Losluin gently sets the elf down to help aid the others in swift burial.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The snow has a lot of powder, and digging a grave is not a difficult task.'

Lomewen sings a low song for the elf's memory to the stars above, taking comfort in the fact that they at least know his name.

Athrandol looks to Eonan, "which way should we go Hir?"

Eonan says, 'I'd like to stay out of the tunnels, if at all possible. Though this one seems less menacing from here, and it does provide some amount of shelter from the snow.'

Alestriel rejoins the group

Eonan shrugs.

Athrandol says, 'Very well. Down we go then?'

Alestriel says, 'Well, I just took a closer look at the stone, and...oh, I see you took care of the burial.'

Athrandol says, 'What of the Stone Hiril?'

Losluin looks to Alestriel with interest.

Alestriel holds out the cloth for all to examine.

Alestriel says, 'Here, see? The cloth was hastily made, likely to hold the gemstone in place. The gem itself is unusual. See, here, and here? Telltale signs the stone was made, and not mined from the earth.'

Athrandol says, 'What kind of spell can create gemstones?'

Alestriel laughs.

Lomewen says, 'I was wondering the same thing.'

Alestriel says, 'You forget your histories, mellyn.'

Alestriel says, 'Were not the Silamrils themselves crafted, and not taken from the earth?'

Athrandol smiles "Of course, well then who among the living has the skill to create a stone like that with such skill?"

Alestriel says, 'likely this stone holds a hidden power. The knowledge of crafting such a thing, though...that is another matter.'

Alestriel says, 'Only the most skilled artisans of Rivendell yet possess that skill.'

Alestriel says, 'The stone may be quite old.'

Lomewen says, 'Did he find it in that cave, then? Or did he bring it from elsewhere?'

Athrandol says, 'Where would he have obtained it from? The combination of the cloth and the stone suggest he wasn't given it.'

Alestriel says, 'That is the question, isn't it?'

Alestriel says, 'I would like to say that I had knowledge of these things. Alas, I do not. I imagine only one such as Lord Elrond would be able to assess the true worth of this stone.'

Alestriel says, 'Or...'

Alestriel looks quickly toward the east

Athrandol says, 'Perhaps Lady Galadriel'

Lomewen says, 'Or King Thranduil. He does have a fondness for gems.'

Alestriel says, 'Yes, that is what I was thinking.'

Altian lies down.

Athrandol hangs his head

Losluin is silent, considering.

Alestriel says, 'Perhaps, we might seek an audience with the White Lady, on our way to Mirkwood?'

Athrandol says, 'I agree, we can always ask them both. it cant hurt.'

Lomewen agrees. "Yes, for we shall need provisions in Lorien."

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'On the left, stairs rise up, soon engulfed in snow (though possibly still ascendable?) and on the right, the non threatening section of tunnel plows through the mountainside.'

Losluin 's expression grows hooded again, the wonder at the stone fading.

Alestriel secures the gem back in her pouch

Athrandol says, 'Eonan, shall we go up and attempt the climb, or decend? This tunnel feels less foul.'

Alestriel claps her hands and rubs them together briskly.

Alestriel says, 'So. Which one of you knows where to go from here?'

Eonan says, 'My vote is for the tunnel, I suppose.'

Athrandol nods "Very well, you are our leader"

Alestriel bows deeply before Athrandol.

Losluin looks sharply to Alestriel at the clap, the sound seeming to shake him out of something. "This is not the way I crossed these mountains. I will follow where those older suggest."

Alestriel says, 'Lead on, oh leaderous one!'

Alestriel giggles uncontrollably at Athrandol.

Athrandol says, 'Down we go!'


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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 8 (Anduin Wanderers)


Summary: Having reached the other side of the Misty Mountains, the elves encounter a strange old man & orcs on their way to Nanduhirion...

Edited: minus (most) typos & GM /tells to each character are not present.  Corrected per GM notes in Kinchat, etc.

Notes: Might be missing the RP of chasing the old man (Lomewen & Certhinnodh).  Eonan from previous RP's is now Certhinnodh Eonan.  Not sure what happened to Barabin and Celebdineth on the way; morphed into Alestriel...? ;)  Waiting for GM/player notes on this.



[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Hello and welcome all to the first East-side session of Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood!'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Our cast has just emerged from a tunnel underneath the Misty Mountains to find themselves... well, in the foothills of mountains.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'A fast-moving river is nearby, emerging from somewhere slightly to the north. It does not appear passable lower than the northern areas, but who knows... we've got a reckless bunch...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The trees are in fair condition, sky clouded, and air a touch on the chilly side.'

Athrandol: 'Well, this is a welcomed sight.'

Athrandol peers into the distance.

Alestriel eyes grow wide, as she points frantically

Alestriel: 'Oh no, look! Spiders!'

Losluin looks to where Alestriel points.

Athrandol: 'I've had enough of Spiders for a while.'

Alestriel laughs.

Alestriel: 'Hahaha!'

Alestriel: 'I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist after that dank cave.'

Athrandol looks to Alestriel and smiles.

Losluin shakes his head, trying to hide the slight smile by turning away.

Losluin: 'East of the mountains...'

Athrandol: 'Well, shall we head down towards the River?'

Losluin agrees with Athrandol.

Alestriel: 'I'll say we shall! I wish to wash these webs off my hands as soon as possible.'

Lomewen: 'I think that would be good. We can see where we can cross.'

Athrandol: 'Lead on Certhinnodh'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Here are the shallows of the river, lazy swirls. It picks up pace not far from the shore, and is fairly wide.'

Alestriel kneels.

Certhinnodh picks up a pebble and tosses it into the water.

Certhinnodh: 'I daresay we aren't going to pass here.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Another roll'

Athrandol: 'I agree, the river is much to swift.'

Athrandol rolled (100): 34

Lossenelenwen rolled (100): 81

Losluin rolled (100): 72

Alestriel kneels and rubs her hands together beneath the cool water.

Alestriel rolled (100): 15

Lomewen rolled (100): 65

Certhinnodh looks further down the river.

Alestriel scans the river waters closely.

Losluin puts his bare feet in as he looks around.

Alestriel: 'Hmm. The waters here are unusually clear, are they not?'

Athrandol bends down and washes his hands and face in the water.

Losluin looks to Alestriel, nodding in agreement. "Yes, cool and clear..."

Athrandol stands up, "And very clean"

Alestriel: 'I would wager we are near a meeting point of two rivers, as waters tend toward clarity where they meet.'

Certhinnodh: 'This river seems to join another, further south.  I can't quite make it out but it seems to.'

Losluin looks to the north, trying to remember if there is an easier crossing near before the rivers meet.

Alestriel: 'This is no small brook, and surely a convergence of rivers is nothing to go umarked. One of you must know where we are?'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'There is an awkward silence, unless someone breaks it.'

Losluin answers vaguely, as if uncertain, "I crossed once. 'Twas further north."

Athrandol : 'This is the northern reaches of the Anduin, we should be able to cross in the North.  Should we head north, and look for a Fjord?'

Losluin nods silently.

Alestriel: 'Then we ought to keep moving. I imagine this land is teeming with orc scouting parties, or worse.'

Lomewen shrugs. "I have never been this way."

Athrandol nods to Ale, "I agree"


(At the waterfalls crossing)

Athrandol: 'We can cross here safely.'

Alestriel gestures toward the rocks.

Alestriel: 'Ellon first!'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The company has moved north, to find that the mountain is dripping small swift streams to feed the larger.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'There is some scrambling over rocks to do....'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The water pulls heavily on their clothes and legs.'

Certhinnodh: 'And back to the south now, I suppose?'

Lomewen carries her boots in her pack to navigate the river, feeling more sure-footed in bare feet for such terrain.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The mountains seem steeper to the north for now, though you must be nearing the end of them...'

Athrandol: 'If we head east, we should come upon the Woodland realm.'

Athrandol: 'At the very least, we'll encounter some sentries.'

Lomewen: 'And then probably more spiders.'

Athrandol: 'Perhaps, Most of the spiders are in southern Mirkwood.'

Certhinnodh: 'Perhaps though, we should stop in Lorien first? More may have received word of our trek, they could be waiting.'

Athrandol: 'As you say, that is no short distance though.'

Losluin looks East, then South and frowns slightly.

Alestriel clears her throat in a rather poignant manner.

Athrandol looks to Alestriel, "Yes Hiril?"

Alestriel: 'Ahem, if I may? Did we not agree to first travel to Lothlorien, and ask the Lady for an audience, in regard to this gemstone we found?'

Athrandol smiles, "So we did, south it is then!"

Lomewen: 'We did. Just because we came out of the mountains farther north than we planned should not divert our attention.'


(The group journeys south)

Losluin becomes more withdrawn (if possible) As they travel farther southwards.

Athrandol peers into the distance.

Athrandol: 'I see something up ahead.'

Alestriel flashes an impatient look at Athrandol.

Athrandol: 'I'm not positive, but it looks like a couple orc scouts.'

Losluin lifts his head to look, eyes bright.

Certhinnodh : "Oh, just what we needed after the spiders."

Lomewen : 'They have grown bold, to be out in the daylight...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The foothills are steep here, dropping straight into the water. There are indeed some figures out there, but it is uncertain if they are Orcs. They are half-hidden by some trees down the way.'

Athrandol: 'Perhaps they are after something...'

Alestriel: 'Well then, those can't be orcs, can they? Only uruks walk under the sun.'

Athrandol: 'Who knows what's being done in Dol Guldur'

Alestriel thows up her hands.

Losluin looks sharply at Thran and laughs quietly. "Who indeed."

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The group collectively feels a bit odd when Athrandol says this.'

Alestriel: 'I spend most of my days in libraries, and even I know this! Goodness.'

Athrandol: 'We should probably get to cover, just incase.'

Lomewen: 'We should investigate, should we not? We came east to act as a small force and scout to harry the enemy. If we do not start now, then when?'

Athrandol points to the small group of trees on the bank "There"

Losluin nods in agreement with Lomewen, "Cover, yet a bit of scouting, perhaps."

Athrandol: 'We can easily make those trees without being discovered.'

Certhinnodh: 'Let us move quickly, then.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'ROLL'


Certhinnodh rolled (100): 11

Losluin rolled (100): 53

Alestriel rolled (100): 84

Athrandol rolled (100): 49

Lomewen rolled (100): 49

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'As the party rushes to the trees, the orc-figures in the distance stir... and you see that they are not Orcs.'

Alestriel: 'In case you all were not aware, scouting is not exactly within my purview. I cerainly hope you know what you are doing.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'They are not even plural -- you feel certain they were plural, though, how strange --'

Athrandol : 'You'll be just fine Hiril, just stay with me.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'An old man looks up, angry.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'He flees to the steep slope of the mountain.'

Losluin looks around, the lack of sudden plurality troublesome.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'And starts scaling it as a man of his age should be quite incapable of.'

Athrandol : 'Lome, chase him down.'

Certhinnodh scowls.

Lomewen : 'He did not like Elven visitors?'

Athrandol : 'Apparently not, but I would hate to see what happens if he alerts the enemy.'

Certhinnodh : 'Shall we give chase?'

Lomewen : 'Perhaps. He may have knowledge. Or perhaps he did not see us correctly and thought us orcs.'

Athrandol : 'You two go ahead, I will stay here a try to make sense of why we saw more than one person.  Ale, do you have any ideas?'


(Lomewen and Certhinnodh pursue the old man up the mountain.  ***Possible missing RP here***)

Alestriel tries to follow the animated gazes of her companions.  What? What do you see?'

Athrandol : 'When we were up on the hill, could he have fooled us into thinking he was more than one man?'

Certhinnodh rolled (100): 71

Lomewen rolled (100): 83

Alestriel : 'Who?? What old man??'

Losluin, 'There was an old man that fled.'

Athrandol: Athrandol "did you not see the old man?"

Alestriel looks frustratedly at Athrandol.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Eonan and Lomewen do fairly well at scaling the mountain quickly, but the man is far ahead. He movesover the top.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Eonan and Lomewen come to a place difficult to pass. They've done incredibly so far, considering the weight they carry.'

Alestriel: no, of course not! I am not a scout, nor tracker, nor hunter of any sort.

Athrandol: All we can do is hope they catch him.

Alestriel: And what was it, or 'he', that you hope they catch?

Athrandol: I am sorry Hiril, I was caught up in the moment, and it slipped my mind. forgive me.

Losluin keeps a wary eye out as they wait for the pair of Wardens.

Athrandol: There was a group of figures on the shore, that we thought were Orcs, which is why we came down to scout it out.

Alestriel looks after the pursuing elves.

Athrandol: When we got here, an old man took off into the hills.

Alestriel: Foolish. Simply foolish.


(Meanwhile... Partial transcript here)

Lomewen: 'Can an aged human really move that fast?'

Certhinnodh : 'I've never met one who could do so.  But what should we do now.'

Lomewen: 'There is naught we can do. From up there he can see we mean no harm, since we are edhel, so maybe he will come down of his own volition.'

Certhinnodh : 'Let us return to the others then.'


(The pair returns to the others)

Losluins' roving gaze stops, he walks back to a spot in the sand, trying to determine what was being done there...

Athrandol looks to the Edhel, "No luck Eh?"

Lomewen returns, laughing slightly. "He is like a mountain goat."

Alestriel folds her arms, a single eyebrow raised pointedly.

Alestriel removes the gemstone cloth from her pouch, holding it out in front of her.

Alestriel points up toward the mountain.

Losluin rolled (100): 38

Lomewen shrugs. "Can we tie together the only two creatures we have seen that are not spider, drake, or goblin? I do no know."

Losluin lopes lightly back to the others. "There are signs something, maybe writing or drawing, may have been wiped away in the sand near to the old man's position. Perhaps other eyes may catch what mine could not?"

Athrandol looks to Alestriel "Perhaps your runic skills would help Losluin?"

Alestriel: 'Well, I shall tell you what my eyes see. My eyes see two edhil who would risk not only their lives, but those of their companions, to run off hither and thither, in chase of something of which they have no certain knowledge. That is what my eyes see.'

Athrandol: 'I'll go take a look Losluin,'

Athrandol kneels down and looks in the sand on the bank.

Athrandol rolled (100): 14

Certhinnodh glares at Alestriel.

Lomewen: 'We do not know to whom he may report. If we could have communicated, perhaps we would have prevented a larger enemy force. But we do not know, for our feet were not fleet enough."'

Losluin (to Thran as he returns): 'Anything, or was he merely sweeping the sand with idle feet?'

Athrandol : 'It just looks like scuff marks in the sand to me, something was there but I am not sure what.'

Certhinnodh : 'Perhaps, a boat?'

Athrandol looks to Certhinnodh "That could be yes"

Losluin: 'Hmm, or I make much of sand-play. Hard to tell now...'

Athrandol : 'Perhaps we should keep moving. I dont feel safe just standing here.'

Alestriel points again to the cloth in her hang.

Certhinnodh : 'I agree. If that man is reporting to someone, I'd like to not be here when they arrive.'

Lomewen agrees. "We are too exposed here."

Alestriel : 'Here is our clue, mellyn, here and here alone. You know where we must go.'

Athrandol : 'To see the White Lady then.'

Alestriel : 'As long as you two are finished running off into the woods?'

Certhinnodh : 'Move quickly. Perhaps Alestriel will find some books to stick her nose in.'

Lomewen : 'We were not running into the woods, we were swiftly scaling a mountain."'

Alestriel sighs at Certhinnodh.

Lomewen : 'Perhaps in the Golden Wood.'


(The southward trek continues until...)

[Kinship] Lossenelenwen: All roll, twice.

Alestriel rolled (100): 82

Athrandol rolled (100): 43

Lomewen rolled (100): 20

Lomewen rolled (100): 22

Athrandol rolled (100): 23

Alestriel rolled (100): 31

Losluin rolled (100): 95

Losluin rolled (100): 43

Certhinnodh rolled (100): 83

Certhinnodh rolled (100): 93

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'You see before you a few orclike figures. They appear to be in discussion, and attempting to stay in the shade.'

Athrandol loosens his sword in his sheathe, "Perhaps we should go say hello"

Lomewen eyes any escape routes they could take before withdrawing a javelin.

Lomewen rolled (100): 13

Alestriel peruses the sparkly river stone she picked up along the way, turning it over in her hand, and admiring its complexity.

Losluin readies his own gear, eys still roving the landscape after noting the figures.

Certhinnodh whispers, "Do we believe these are truly orcs?"

Certhinnodh tries to look closer.

Lomewen lowers her javelin, remembering how the old man looked like many orcs. "Perhaps there is much trickery along this riverbank?"

Athrandol whispers back "I'm not sure, but I'd rather be safe that sorry"

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'They look like orcs.'

Athrandol: 'I'll go ahead, you flank them. Be swift. Dont strike until you're sure.'

Athrandol: 'Are we ready?'

Lomewen nods.

Athrandol begins to move toward the figures, slowly at first but picking up speed gradually.

Athrandol rolled (100): 69

Alestriel: :/ Alestriel looks up from her study as she notices her companions slinking off. "A Elbereth. Now what?"

Lomewen throws a javelin at the target farthest away from Athrandol.

Lomewen rolled (100): 96

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'There are three orcs, they die swiftly, surprised by Lomewen and Athrandol.'

Lomewen approaches to investigate their encampment.

Lomewen rolled (100): 44

Athrandol goes over to examine the dead orcs more closely, searching for clues.

Athrandol kneels.

Athrandol rolled (100): 38

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'They seem to just have been passing through, though the immediate area is full of signs of their presence -- general ew.'

Lomewen shrugs. "Nothing much. Perhaps they were messengers and did not have things written?"

Athrandol nods, "I agree, although it's getting dark, we should keep moving"

Alestriel sighs.

Athrandol looks to Alestriel "Yes Hiril?"

Lomewen : 'Especially if there are more orcs trailing about.'


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The party starts to ascend again, dear reader.'

(Simultaneous typing ensues as group is prompted for song; edited for clarity ;) )


Alestriel (singing): ~~A Elbereth! Gilthoniel!' 

                       'Silivren penna miriel!' 

                       'na chared palan-diriel.' 

                       'Fanuilos, le linnathon!' 

                       'Nef aear, si nef aearon!'~~ 


(Translates to:)

                       [O Elbereth Starkindler}

                       [white-glittering, slanting down sparkling like a jewel]

                       [Having gazed far away]

                       [to thee, Everwhite, I will sing]

                       [on this side of the Sea, here on this side of the Ocean!]

Certhinnodh hums along.


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'As a few Elves begin to sing, the stars begin to appear in the sky.'


(***attempted to put in Sindarin, feel free to correct the many mistakes:P)


Losluin begins to sing softly: ~~Alae i fuin thinnodh... an gail lostodh vi hin...

                                                   a doll naodh mor erin morn... n'i lû i duath gwannu.

                                                   Abarad i hend postodh... gonnathras o fuin...

                                                   nedh'an sidh van in'ind... dannadh nedh'an aer lim.~~

(Translates to:)

                                                  [Even the night must fail... for light sleeps in the eyes--]

                                                  [--and dark becomes dark on dark... until the darkness dies.]

                                                  [Soon the eye resolves... complexities of night--]

                                                  [--into stillness where the heart... falls into fabled light.]


Athrandol pulls out his lantern.

Losluin rolled (100): 25

Athrandol rolled (100): 99

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Below the elves, the steepness begins to fall away, and they see in the distance a familiar sight... Nanduhirion, and beyond it, reflecting silver starlight, a stream, and beyond that... tall, shapely beech trees, hardly visible but in sight all the same.'


[Kinship] Lossenelenwen: If it turns out we start RPing during a day cycle, I would like to opt that you guys spend the night here, as it is best to approach lorien sentinals in daylight



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re: Lingering Shadows from Mirkwood: Part 9 (Eaves of Lorien)


SUMMARY: The small company awake from strange dreams and are questioned on the borders of the Golden Wood...

Edited: minus (most) typos & GM /tells to each character are not present.  Corrected per GM notes in Kinchat, etc.

Notes: Might be missing some dialog between Alestriel & Nindron.  



[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The birches of Lórien are in sight, and day dawns upon the small camp of DaMed elves.'

Athrandol stretches out his muscles. It's time for adventure!

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'It has been a night of many dreams. Roll.'

Certhinnodh rolled (100): 77

Athrandol rolled (100): 7

Losluin rolled (100): 62

Lomewen rolled (100): 54

Alestriel stretches her arms, and looks about at the landscape.

Alestriel rolled (100): 44

Certhinnodh lets out a big yawn.

Losluin glances discreetly at Lomewen, expression blank.

Athrandol peers into the distance.

Lomewen looks to the east, expression strangely blank.

Alestriel looks eastward into the distance, her brows furrowed, nad her lips pursed.

Athrandol: 'Did anyone else have weird dreams or just me?'

Alestriel removes the gem-bearing cloth from her satchel, and studies it intently, her furrowed brows becoming a scowl.

Alestriel looks quickly to Athrandol.

Losluin answers Athrandol quietly, "Nothing unusual for me, nay."

Alestriel: 'It would seem not.'

Alestriel: 'That is, it would seem you are not alone in having rather poignant dreams.'

Alestriel: 'What did you see?'

Athrandol: 'I dreamed I feel into the pool under the misties, and the elf we found there was alive, but I could not move 

to speak with him.'

Alestriel frowns.

Alestriel: 'He came to me as well. He woke to life, and insisted that this gemstone not be taken east.'

Athrandol: 'I wonder what his reasoning is.'

Alestriel: 'Also, his markings were gone, and in their place, a scar.'

Losluin 's eyes shift to Athrandol, then Alestriel with interest. "Strange..." He rubs idly at the cloth of his arm.

Lomewen whispers quietly. "I dreamed of Greenwood, fair and lush, and saw it wither before my eyes and its now dark heart 


Alestriel: 'I do not know the meaning of any of this. I am no interpreter of dreams and visions.'

Certhinnodh: 'I suppose one might consider my dreams strange, but it was unrelated to the dreams of you two.'

Alestriel looks concernedly at Lomewen ,upon hearing her revelation.

Athrandol: 'Well, perhaps it will aid us.'

Losluin listens, looking to Lomewen again, jaw tightening.

Lomewen: 'What was your dream, Certhinnodh? Mine also was unrelated to the elf we found.'

Certhinnodh shakes his head and speaks softly, "I can't seem to remember, but I can't help but feel it was important."

Athrandol: 'Perhaps it will come to you as we venture on.'

Certhinnodh whispers, "My name..."

Losluin raises an eyebrow.

Athrandol looks to Certhinnodh "Yes Hir?"

Certhinnodh: 'I could not remember what my name once was, only what is now; and that there was a different one, once.'

Lomewen: 'All our dreams bring sadness; death and decay abound the farther east we go...'

Losluin 's eyes widen a moment at Eonan's words; he passes a hand over his face, shakes something off and looks to Lorien.

Alestriel bites her lip as she frowns, her hands on her hips.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Lorien is still there.'

Alestriel: 'This just won't do. All these dreams have one thing in common, and that is darkness.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Looks birchy. Nothing is dark about the view, fortunately. It's very pretty.'

Alestriel holds out the gemstone.

Certhinnodh: 'Well, there is one place that seems free of the darkness. We were heading there, perhaps we should 


Alestriel: 'Clearly, this must have something to do with our visions. The shade insisted we bring this back to him, dead 

though he may be.'

Athrandol: 'Well we can split up, two of us can bring it back, and the rest can move forward.'

Alestriel looks pensively at the gem in her hand.

Alestriel: 'I don't know. Perhaps it should be taken to the Lady. I do know that this is a darkness beyond what I came 

along for.'

Alestriel holds out the gem for Athrandol.

Alestriel: 'Here, you take this. I do not want it's influence upon me anymore. You take it to the Lady.'

Athrandol takes it and puts it in a small pocket next to his sword.

Losluin looks at the gem, frowning.

Alestriel folds her hands and looks at Athrandol.

Athrandol: 'I agree, this gem is not a healthy thing to have, lets move on.'


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The stream crosses the path, but 'tis shallow.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'No one has to swim. Thank goodness.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Beyond the birches, hints of gold can now be seen through the trees...'

Losluin becomes uneasy the closer they approach the eaves.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The air seems warmer, and smells pleasant.'

Certhinnodh rolled (100): 72

Athrandol rolled (100): 97

Lomewen rolled (100): 71

Losluin rolled (100): 60

Alestriel rolled (100): 62

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The group comes to a halt outside the birches of Lorien.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The grass beneath your feet almost whispers Wait... wait...'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Another elf approaches.'

Losluin glances to the branches, the foliage, uneasiness growing.

Athrandol whispers to Certhinnodh, "I'm right behind you"

Certhinnodh walks forward a bit.

GM:The elf eyes the group warily. "Five, as expected. All with the eyes of distant kin."

GM:The elf frowns. "Some more distant than others."

GM:He looks searchingly across the group, to the drawn hoods.

Certhinnodh: 'We were expected?'

Alestriel looks with fascination up at the tall birch, running her hands over the bark as she studies the tree.

Athrandol walks up behind Certhinnodh.

Elf stranger: "Daro. A. Maetho., that is the name? The Lady does not tell all she knows, only what we must learn from her. 

And what we must learn for her."

Certhinnodh nods, "Daro a Maetho."

Lomewen murmurs. "The lady is wise and discerning in all things."

Lomewen continues. "We mean no harm, only counsel with the wise in this lovely wood."

Elf stranger: "You are garbed for war..." his gaze moves from Eonan to Alestriel - "...and yet you are not."  "You speak 

fair..." his gaze moves from Lomewen to Losluin.. "and you do not speak at all."

Losluin stares back, unblinking.

GM: The elf turns more directly to Alestriel. "A historian and scholar. Is this your escort then?"

Alestriel sighs at the seemingly speechless elves, then turns to the unknown elf.

Athrandol looks to Alestriel and then to the new elf "Perhaps we are, is it a problem to help one of our friends in her 


GM: The elf raises a brow at this difference in opinion.

Alestriel scowls at Athrandol.

Athrandol looks to Alestriel and smiles

Athrandol: 'Sorry, I meant no offense'

Lomewen: 'I agree. We are truly on a journey to do what we can in the eaves of Lorien and Greenwood the darkened.'

Elf Stranger: "Visions. Many of those come from Lórien. You will need to be vouched for, before you come within our 

borders. Something discomforts me, and I will not risk my opinion as the only one."

Losluin is still as a statue.

Elf Stranger: "I am yet unfamiliar, though a name I will give you. Name me Nindron."


((missing dialog?))

Nindron draws back. "Alestriel, then, come stand by me. Daro a Maetho, remain where you are."

Alestriel looks to Athrandol and shrugs.

Athrandol watches Alestriel as she walks away.

Certhinnodh looks to Losluin.

Losluin shifts from one bare foot to the other, thinking.

Nindron lowers his voice, though not so low that the others cannot hear him. "By your nature you are not wont to fashion 

lies, so I shall know if you speak untrue. Do you carry any weapons on your person or anything with malintent?"

[Kinship] Lossenelenwen: 'Your' in the sense of 'your race' not 'I know you chica'

[Kinship] Alestriel: lol

Alestriel: 'Me? No, of course not! Well...I do carry runestones, which I use in my studies, and in the study of the 

elements...but that is all.'

Nindron: "Leave them with your companions."

Alestriel looks over at her companions.

Alestriel: 'What? Why?'

Losluin murmurs to himself, "Vouched for... nay, I cannot aid us in that..." he laughs softly, strangely, with a hint of 


Athrandol walks to Alestriel slowly "I will hold them for you"

Alestriel: 'Oh, fine then.'

Alestriel hands her runestones to Athrandol.

Alestriel: 'Be careful with them, now.'

Athrandol smiles to Alestriel and puts the stones in his pack "Yes Hiril"

Nindron: He turns to the others. "There is an Elf staying in Lothlórien, who has been of great service to the Lord of the 

Wood, who has had dealings with Daro a Maetho. Alestriel and I shall go to him, and he will speak for you and for us. If 

all is well upon our return, you may pass into the Wood."

Nindron: "...For my part, you have some ill foreboding upon you, but your words have no falseness. We shall see."

Alestriel shrugs at the group.

Alestriel: 'I might as well go with him, unless there are any objections?'

Athrandol: 'Be safe'

Lomewen: 'The elves of Lorien mean no harm, only staunch in their defense of their land. We bear arms, so I can see the 

necessity for caution.'

You bow deeply before Alestriel.

Alestriel: "I will see you shortly."

Nindron turns away, leadng Alestriel quietly.

Alestriel: 'Well, lead on then, Nindron'


((After Alestriel departs with Nindron...))

Athrandol: "It'll be getting dark soon, we should build a fire"

Lomewen speaks with melancholy. "I yearn not for flame in the warmth of this wood."

((Losluin)) The pale elf hums under his breath, eyes distracted.

Certhinnodh walks away from the fire to a nearby tree and sits.

Athrandol removes his snowcovered gear and lays it by the fire to dry, putting on darker garb instead.

Lomewen walks to a tree and removes her hood, enjoying the feel of soft breezes on cold-chapped skin.

Lomewen sits down.

Losluin watches his companions awhile, then begins to pace about, murmuring to himself still.

Athrandol sits down.

Certhinnodh looks up the tree in front of him, and watches the leaves rustling.

Losluin stares at Lomewen.

Lomewen looks behind her at Loluin's bare feet padding on the soft lawn and leaves. Feeling his stare, she looks behind 

her shoulder at him.

Certhinnodh wanders further away from the group, staring into the leaves all the while.

Lomewen starts to feel uneasy with his stare. She rises, turning to him. "What is it, Losluin?"

Certhinnodh sits down.

Losluin, softly, "I hardly know. You. Here in these trees..."

Lomewen cannot repress a shudder at his words. "They are familiar...did I spend time here? I believe I did...or did I?"

Losluin's face clouds a moment. "How could you have? Nay, the trees are not right. Greenwood is yours. Greenwood..." He 

trails off, looking around again.


((Missing RP w/Nindron in the meanwhile.  Picks up again with: ))

Nindron reapproaches Daro a Maetho, accompanied by a tall ellon clad in similar fashion to him.. and a third with a 

familiar face.

Lomewen, feeling uneasy in the growing dusk, rubs an old wound just above her heart.

Athrandol hails Nindron.

Losluin begins to leave Lomewen, walking towards Athrandol when he is brought up short by the return of the others.

Certhinnodh looks up, and quickly returns to the others.

Nindron: 'Call back your friend.' He turns to Elyrian and nods.

Athrandol looks to Elyrian and then back to Nindron

Athrandol: 'What news from the Wardens? Are we to be permitted to enter?'

Elyrian looks over each face, recognizing it in turn, but also feels oddly ill at ease. "Greetings friends," she says to 

them all.

GM: The taller stranger peers from his hood with bright eyes and speaks softly, hardly to be heard. "Two tests... one of 

Elyrian's judgment and one of mine."

Athrandol smiles to Elyrian "Hello Hiril, it has been some time"

Elyrian then turns to Nindron. "This company is indeed known to me."

Lomewen nods in greeting, somewhat distracted by the oddly disturbing presence of Losluin behind her.

Nindron nods.

GM: The other smiles thoughtfully. "As you say, Elyrian. If you would discern their reason for being here, I will make my 

judgments individually." Looks to Eonan.  

GM: The tall elf draws away, smiles, and beckons to Eonan.


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'All can see him conversing with Eonan, but not hear the conversation. Nindron meanwhile 

reminds them that they were of two minds on the purpose of their journey.'

Losluin looks to the others, gaze lingering on Elyrian thoughtfully, then back to the trees.

Elyrian: "Long and perilous is any path that brings you thus to the eaves of the golden woods, my friends. What then 

brings you here?"

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The tall elf looks fiercely engaged in the conversation he is having.'

Lomewen feels oddly restless at the formality of the border patrol and the proximity the others. "To be blunt, we wish to 

stave off some of the darkness eating at the woods of the East."

Athrandol: "We are here to aid Certhinnodh with his desire to enter the Greenwood."

Losluin nods at the words of the other two.

Elyrian appears briefly startled, then her face darkens. "The Greenwood it was once, but no longer." She glances over 

toward Certhinnodh, then turns back toward Athrandol. "To enter only?"

Athrandol: 'No not to just enter, he wishes to do something about the corruption that has spread, and we all agreed to 

assist him as best we could.'

Certhinnodh nods

Athrandol looks to Certhinnodh

Losluin shifts his bare feet, his own restlessness growing as the conversations continue.


Certhinnodh returns to the others, "Athrandol, your turn."

Athrandol bows deeply before Elyrian.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The tall elf bows his head to Athrandol, and begins to speak to him with great interest.'

Losluin watches Athrandol go, his gaze not lingering long there. Nor anywhere.

Athrandol approaches the tall elf and bows his head

Elyrian finds Certhinnodh's face. "This corruption is deeply rooted, my friend. I know not whether you will find success 

or ruin beneath the shadows of those trees..."

Lomewen: 'We wish to fight, nonetheless. If we do naught then the darkness will simply grow its dark heart.'

Certhinnodh: 'So long as total ruin is avoided, some sort of success will be found I hope. The wood seems ever changing, 

so perhaps if given even a slight spark light will return.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Nindron seems restless. He looks over at the tall elf, who does not look back.'

Elyrian: "This is true, Lomewen," Elyrian sighs. "Unchecked it shall merely grow. I may hope that you are right 


Losluin, softly: "Grow darker its heart and darken those of others... Yet light sleeps in the eyes. Yes light." It is 

still not clear if he speaks to himself or others.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'Athrandol pulls the stone from his pocket. The tall elf looks at it and nods slowly.'

Lomewen answers anwyway. "We can only trust to hope that a spark of fight will let the dawn clear the webs strangling the 



Athrandol bows politely and walks back towards the group.

Athrandol: 'Losluin, ((the tall elf)) wishes to speak with you.'

Elyrian watches Losluin for a time, saying nothing. At last she speaks again. "What turns your mind so now, when the 

shadow has lain upon the woods so long already? Has ought happened of late that I know not?"

Losluin turns his eyes towards Athrandol, then slowly his head follows. He bows after a moment and walks towards the tall 


[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The tall elf says nothing to Losluin for a moment, though he does speak.'

Lomewen looks at Certhinnodh. "He has been most recently."

Certhinnodh: 'I returned because I felt a pull, of sorts. Dreams, drifting thoughts. But it is dark, and so I left to see 

if I could find others who would wish to see Greenwood restored.'

Certhinnodh: 'Granted, I know we will not restore it alone, but we would be of some aide at least.'

Elyrian: "And of course you sought out others of Daro A Maetho," Elyrian reasons.

Losluin posture, which had relaxes, stiffens again.

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'The tall elf responds to him calmly, but with some urgency.'

[GAMEMASTER] Lossenelenwen: 'He glances over to the conversing Daro a Maetho, hardly seeing them, returning his gaze to 


((Eventually))  His eyes stay on Losluin as Losluin returns to the group.


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