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re: App: Balhidh

The application submitted by Balhidh is as follows:

Character Name::


Usual LOTRO play-time within your own timezone::
10:30 pm -3:00 am

RP (RolePlay) Experience::

Familiarity with Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth, Tolkien lore::

True or False: I would like guidance on my character background/biography/story before recruitment.:

If the last answer was false, please provide a (brief) bio of your character - full bios can be submitted to other sections of the forum later. If the last answer was true, please give any general ideas you have for starting your biography.

Brief Character Biography or Description::
Balhidh was born 531 years ago in the age of the Watchful Peace. He was raised to follow Tulkas, to show no fear, seek no mercy, and cherish the thrill of a good fight. Arda, in all its glory, saw fit to fill the world with trials and challenges, seemingly insurmountable. Balhidh, among others, believes a path can always be found to surpass pervious limits, and however dangerous, will still be found laughing from excitement.

The remaining questions are recommended but not required.


Character Homeland: (Rivendell, Lorien, Lindon, Mirkwood, Edhellond, Other):

True or False: I am applying with my main character.:

One thing your character loves::

One thing your character dislikes::

One thing you love::

One thing you dislike::

Any additional questions, comments, or information about yourself::

Bonus Question! Describe your character's left arm/glove/sleeve in 250 letters or less....:
Dulled and pale bronze, battered as if the user mistook his arm for his shield

Thank you for applying! You should be contacted in-game for your in character recruitment shorty.

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